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How to build a website from Scratch?

I think a common recurring theme amongst all digital marketers is the continuing importance of having and maintaining a website. It is tough to realize the importance of a website when you do not have one. Building a website today is much easier than what it used to be several years ago. We have websites like Wix that provide to us an all in one platform to create an entire website and skip the hassles of having to code an entire website. Nevertheless, this does not make the process of creating a website any easier, and as a website development company in Dubai, we know about the hassles of having to create a website from scratch to launch. To make it easier for you and your business, we are here to put in to steps, just how to develop a website.

Step 1: Your website needs a Host

Your website is a meeting place for all that your business encompasses and in order for your website to showcase your all your products and services, it will need a foundation in which to be placed and built upon. Think of it like building a house, in order to have a stable and structure house, you must lay good and secure foundations first. Some examples of the top website hosting are, GoDaddy, Host Gator, BlueHost. It is important to ensure that your web hosting company offers the following services, custom email accounts, unlimited or uncounted bandwidth, and customer support, free domain name with SSL and One Click Install for WordPress.  If you have found a website hosting that offers the services as above then it is most likely you have found a suitable host. Each web hosting site offer affordable packages that offer a variety of services so choose wisely!

Step 2: Pick your domain name

Quite yet one of the trickier parts of website building is choosing a domain name for your website that has not already been taken yet. Most web site hosting offer domain services. Make sure to take the time to come up with a domain name that is unique and represents your business entirely. Have a brainstorming session and finalize on the perfect domain name so you can move onto the next step.

Step 3: Have a reliable CMS (Content management system)

Convenience is what we all look for whilst building a website and having a content management system adds to our convenience. CMS allows you to make changes to your website from within the domain itself. Once you have logged into the domain you will be allowed to customize your layout, content, various settings and posts often with these easy website templates. Having CMS Saves on a lot more time and is far easier than not having one. Some examples of CMS are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Step 4: Create your business’ identity

Now that you have laid the foundation to your website and set up all the structures, it is time to paint! Get creative and add some life and identity to your website. This can be done in the form of creative content, themes, fancy transitions and much more. Themes are most often used to exemplify your website. Websites such as Themeforest make it easier to browse through several themes. Some website hosting platforms also offer themes such as Drupal or Joomla make sure you keep an eye out.

Step 5:  Start marketing your new website

We have reached the point where your website will be looking decent and should be fully functional. All the technicalities of creating your website are done, now we just have to show it to the world. You can attempt to market your website by
1. Creating content – develop various pages through your CMS.
2. Create a logo for your website – If you already have a logo, then even better, make sure your website has your logo up and ready.
3. Take the help of Google analytics – start gathering data and track how you can improve your website.
4. Have an overall plan to market your website. – The work is far from over. Make sure all your hard work pays off and you come up with a strategic plan that will market your website successfully.

While the process of creating a website is not easy, it is definitely not impossible, anyone can create one but as a digital marketing agency that specializes in website development, we will be happy to help get you started. Get in touch and start your website development journey with Medialinks today!

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