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How much does Lead Generation Cost in Dubai 2023?

Starting up your own business is perceived as a pursuit of financial independence and while it is one, there are many questions that start to arise once you begin your long journey. One being how I generate quality leads for my business. Convert over leads that will potential into sales for your business. While anyone can generate traffic and attention towards their businesses, it is important to capture the attention of potential buyers for your business otherwise all your investment for lead generation if any will have gone to waste.

Medialinks is here to give you an idea on just how much to expect to spend on quality lead generations in Dubai. As a digital marketing and web development agency in Dubai, we are experts in the industry and know just what your business needs to expect. Well one thing you should know first is that there are a number of different types of lead generation. Below I will be listing a few and how much it costs to do each lead generation method in Dubai.


A method of owned media, social media can and will generate leads for your business required you put in the appropriate time and effort. Social media marketing requires a lot of time and hours spent on all your social media platforms in order to generate the most effective leads. It is often recommended that businesses bring in a social media marketing company that is specialized in creating content that is appropriate to your business and that will generate quality leads.

Social media marketing may cost more than you expect however with the leads generated through such, it is worth the investment. Companies are actually now starting to double the budget they give to social media marketing. Moreover, the beauty of social media marketing is that platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all offer campaigns that are highly dedicated to specifically lead generation. Once there are potential leads, the campaigns provide you with the information of those potential customers so you can get working on turning those leads into paying customers.


Email marketing though perceived, as an older method of marketing, is still a tool that is one of the most effective for lead generation.

Email marketing has the ability to reach potential customers, inform everyone about your new products, can easily be integrated with many marketing tactics and is relatively inexpensive and sometimes even free. It is exceptionally important to understand who your customers are so your emails are tailor made towards those customers. The information in those emails need to be too the point, not everyone enjoys reading a long email, I know I do not. Make sure you all emails are adaptable to different devices such as tablets, pcs, laptops and mobiles in order to maximize convenience.

  1. SEO

SEO is proven to be one of the most effective methods of lead generation as it generates potential leads that have long term results and is proven to have a high return on investment.

A secret to consider before beginning your SEO lead generation campaign is by focusing on LOCAL SEO. Local SEO will help you target stores and businesses that are off a closer region and do not target such a large target audience. This is because Local Stores are most likely to receive customers within a day of inquiry. Being consistent with your SEO efforts is the most important factor in defeating your competitors. For your website to stand out it may take months of effort but the result will be worth the wait. SEO is a relatively more costly option that the other methods however there is a guarantee that you will receive quality leads for your business.


Our final method of lead generation is a paid method of advertising known as Google Ad Words. According to statistics, 63% of users say that they will click on a Google Ad and these statitics are on a steady rise in a time where everyone completes their shopping online. The key to a successful google ad words strategy or campaign is actually having an amazing website. Campaigns cannot direct users to a website that is incomplete and has a terrible user interface; you must have a website that is prepared and optimal for potential leads. The cost of Google Ad Words all depends on the words you need as it is on a Cost-per-click basis. Keywords range from $1 to $10 per click. The only downside here is that you may need to continuously re-adjust your budget for various campaigns however you will see a high ROI as quality leads come through.

Every business owner faces many expenses throughout the life time of the business, but investment on Lead generation is one that simply SHOULD NOT be skipped. Your business will reap all the benefits sown through 1 or even 4 of these lead generation methods all you have to do is implement appropriate strategies. Medialinks know just how to help your business generate leads, drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help you out.



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