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How Color and Font Can Help Build a Stellar Personality in Web Design?

The way we see things is different from each other because our brains work differently. The brain processes a mixture of emotion and images. However, the emotion needs to be triggered first.

What can rouse these emotions? Elements such as aesthetics, colors, placement, size, and shape can make us think differently. It shows the human connection with the subject and displays a sense of duty towards it. It’s this sense of duty that’s valuable to the merchant.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the two underrated elements that contribute to emotional energy in web design. Before taking a look at how color and font determine the web design personality of your website, let’s discuss why personality in web design is crucial.

What is a Personality Web Design?

A personality web design aims to establish a human connection with the user by introducing certain factors that link the human mind with its elements shown within the design.

This helps retailers achieve their business goals by prompting specific responses that facilitate the customer’s conversion process. These elements entail color, font, CTA buttons, negative spacing, and body copy.

Element #1: Color

Color is the element that distinguishes the contrasting margin of elements in a web design. What’s your best color? Your best color should show a certain level of emotion.

Color in web design context qualifies the situation and gives purpose to the platform without compromising its content. You must have a fair knowledge of color psychology to use the perfect mix of colors.

Some colors are predominantly used in web designs to exhibit personality. These include; Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, and Blue. The red color depicts immediate action. It shows urgency and provokes the viewers to respond. It can be used for alerts, slashed prices, and CTAs.

Yellow color exhibits caution. It reflects importance on the subject; thus, it is perfect for representing sale signs on websites. In contrast, orange is the color of warmth and vigor. It’s suitable for the young demographics. Green represents nature and displays a sense of well-being, health, and innovation. Lastly, Blue acts as a welcoming vibe for the users.

Element #2: Font

Text is used as the primary mode of presentation by many websites. It’s more than a means to inform the user to exhibit expression and elegance on a website. The use of the font is what distinguishes text from alphabets, digits, and words.

It shows the text’s importance by using styles, size, italic, bold, or spacing between the content. You can map out a letter’s structure through a baseline, cap height, mainline, descender, ascender, serif, and height. The main purpose of this is to help letters gain shape and personality before being deployed in the field.

The famous font styles include; Geralde, Transitional, Modern, Slab Serif, Sans Serif, and Handwritten. All the font as mentioned above styles helps to improve readability.

Through the right mix of colors and font’s appropriate choice, you can build a stellar personality in web design. It’ll help to generate healthy traffic and conversions for your store.

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