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Five Reasons to Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile friendly website

Many people spend much time on their smartphones nowadays. Many smartphone users have even found a new company or even products when they are using their smartphones to search for stuff. It is now important to have a mobile friendly website design if you want your company to be able to get more customers.

The following gives you five reasons why you should aim to make your website mobile friendly:

1. Customers are using a mobile device

You should have a responsive website because your consumer base is using their mobile phone to search for products. Much web traffic occurs on mobile devices. It is simpler and quicker to search from these rather than using a desktop computer or even a laptop.

Therefore the mobile version of your site will usually give the first impression of the company. You need to make sure that the impression is a great one.

Many people will be visiting your website from their smartphones, and you need to be able to give them a good experience. If the page is not mobile friendly, you can lose customers.

2. Enhances search engine ranking

A mobile friendly website design is able to help improved search engine ranking. At the time that people search for items, you will want them to get to your site. If you have an opportunity to impress, you can convert clicks into customers.

If you wish to rank highly, it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly design that is easy to use on the device.

Due to Mobile First, the mobile version of a site tends to be the version that Google uses. If a website is not mobile friendly, it will find it tough to rank high when it comes to search engines.

3. Quicker loading time

Websites made for a desktop favour huge images and horizontal layouts, which may be slow to load when it comes to mobile devices. When you have a phone-friendly website, you will be making certain that the page can load easily.

Some users may be using a data connection which is not very fast; therefore, your website should be able to handle the slower speed.

4. Increase in sales

Due to the fact that most of your customers are using a mobile device to search for your website, sales can increase when you have a mobile friendly website.

If your web page has a responsive design and it is simple to shop here, you will be making the life of your customers easy. They will therefore be more likely to buy from your company.

5. Allows one to be competitive

When you have a responsive website for mobile devices, you can compete with your competitors. Many of these will have a website like this; therefore, if you do not, you will lag behind them. Shoppers will choose a website that is easy to use on their mobile phones.

From the above, you can see that it is necessary to convert the website to mobile friendly version if you want your business to succeed in today’s environment where most people spend time on a mobile device.

About Medialinks

If you need help creating a mobile friendly e-commerce website, you can consider Medialinks. They have experts who know how to do this. They can help you get a professional mobile friendly website designer who will work with you on making your website responsive. Contact them to get help when it comes to mobile-optimized websites in the UAE that can help in increasing sales.

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