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DIY or Professional Website Development – What to choose?

A decision most business owners face at some point of time is opening and developing a website. This decision remains fairly simple but deciding how to go about creating this website becomes tricky. Nowadays, as everything has become relatively simple so has website development to an extent so companies can decide to either do it themselves or hire a website development professional to do it for them. So what is the difference between the two and is it worth going through carefully?

How does DIY website development work?

The digital era has allowed for the development website building tools that are now either free or paid and gives users the complete freedom to create their own website without the help of a web developer.

These DIY website building tools however provide a variety of templates and various settings that enable customization. These customizations vary from titles, headings, images, colors, layouts, logos etc. The best way to describe these tools is their incorporation of the drag and drop format that allow users to create their own website without any complicated coding.

What are the issues with DIY Website developing?

Despite how easy a drag and drop website may sound like, the quality in comparison to a fully coded website will greatly differ. Despite the drop in cost in comparison to hiring directly from a digital marketing agency, most of the free features on these DIY tools are very limited. The fine print ultimately mentions that DIY website building tools have additional costs for domains, they have premium versions, paid hosting and of course a lot more additional costs.

According to recounts or rather complaints by several DIY website building customers, they said recalled that, templates were limited in option, the website limits SEO efforts, a lot of websites looked more or less the same, limited to no extensions to add new features and so many other issues.

Why develop a Website with an Agency?

Following all of these issues with DIY website builder it is completely normal to consider the alternative which is hiring a professional to do the website building for you and with no hidden costs. So why exactly should you hire a web development agency rather than use a DIY website builder.

Well for one, you will be able to create your own unique website, entirely from scratch. Hiring a professional website designer means that you will be able to custom tailor the website to your exact requirements and while doing so you will be able to add all these amazing features to it.
You will not be limited to a certain template on your website, you will be free to do as you please.
The best part of it all is that you will be able to establish your brands digital footprint perfectly and in your own unique way.

You have better user experience when a designer is dedicated to creating your website entirely. It will have everything tailored. You will also be able to incorporate an appropriate sales funnel which is custom tailored to guide your customer right into the perfect sales conversion scenario. To achieve any of this you will require an expert to help you out.

The features are endless because when you invest your budget into an agency that knows what they are doing in one time rather than pay per feature, it will be more cost efficient and less confusing for your business.

Remember, sometimes the old way is the best way to do things and good things like professional websites take time, take time, invest your money in the right agency and get your digital website journey started. As the best website development company in Dubai we are here to lend a helping hand.

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