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Content creation – Hiring in-house Vs Partnering with an Agency

If you own a business, we cannot overemphasize the need for an effective content creator. In recent times, we have seen the thrill created around content development in the digital space.

According to Meaningful brand, 2019, 9 out of 10(90%) consumers expect brands to create content. Statistics have also shown that content marketing boosts Engagement and leads.

Many business owners face a dilemma about whether to hire in-house content creators or partner with other agencies. Some firms create in-house content creators and still thrive, while others choose the latter.  Yet, there is no best/ better option. Whatever choice you make has its pros and cons. We will share a few points to keep in mind while you decide what is best for you.

In-House Content creators

Building your in-house team can be very beneficial and make a lot of content decisions easy. Here are a few points to consider for the in-house agency:

Brand Expertise: Setting up your in-house teams means they know more about your brand.  In-house content creators are part of the business’s day-to-day running and can tailor what they perceive in their output.

Access to the Team: With an in-house team, you can access the team’s content strategy and execution. Content creators can draw inspiration from each other.  They can create an ideation strategy by collaborating.

Transparency: With in-house content creators, you are sure how the fund is spent. You get complete details of what goes on in the content department and a breakdown of financial obligations.

Brand focus: having an in-house team means you don’t get to share them with any other brand. They are always focused on carrying out your brand activities. All content idea is custom-made and tailored to serve the needs of your brand.

Partnering with an Agency

Partnering with an agency has its perks. As a business owner, sometimes you may need the services of an independent content creator agency. Here a few points to consider

Working with experts: some firms have content strategists, content creators, Content writers, SEO specialists. All these are experts in each field though it’s all content related. In-house agencies may have two people doing all the above. Partnering with an agency ushers you into a world of experts.

Fresh Ideas: Sometimes, businesses can get trapped in the details that they do not see what matters. Working with an agency can give a business a new dimension. They work with different brands, which provides them with an edge over others.

Diversity of skills: Agencies run on skills- that means they have experts with all the relevant skills to do their job.  Agencies are not in short supply of skilled talent who can deliver on the go.

Speedy Delivery: Working with an agency means that they will deliver the job in time. Agencies have many brands they work with, and they have to deliver each project to move to the next one. When there are specialists in different fields collaborating to do a job, it makes it easy.

Before deciding which option is best for you, determine what your long-term goal should be. What you would want to achieve. This should help you make a conclusive decision.

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