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Clubhouse – Everything You Need to Know in 2023

Apps are a blessing in disguise to those of us who require an all in one platform. Social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have changed the game and usability rates of mobile phones. As of recently, an app that has been on a recent rise in popularity amongst everyone even celebrities like Drake, Ashton Kutcher and even Oprah, is Clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an app that was launched in April 2020 amidst the pandemic on IOS and is known and described as an app that is solely based on voice. The reason it actually came about its popularity was because Tesla CEO Elon Musk appeared on the app whilst joining the Good Time Show.

How does Clubhouse work?

All in all, the app works in a standard way. It is a place for users to talk, meet and share ideas. The app lets you make and enter rooms that will let you chat with other people in a conference call. The interesting about it all is that you will not be able to share pictures, text or even videos with the other users in the call. The concept is just to solely talk with your users. Users can join and leave calls at their own convenience. Once opening the app you will see several different rooms and within these rooms you will be able to see who is speaking.

Picture yourself in a conference hall listening to a main speaker, if you were to raise your hand, you would be chosen to come up on stage and speak, this is exactly how it works on Clubhouse. Celebrities, journalists and experts of different fields often host clubhouse rooms. You can even have a stage of your own (a room).

The irony of this concept is that, it mimics that of chat rooms, which used to exist when Web 2.0 started picking up in the late 90’s however this is solely voice based. Unfortunately to android users still are not invited to the party, IOS users are only available to use this app.

What is the hype with clubhouse?

Many of the attention gained by clubhouse is through its celebrities users as I’ve mentioned above, Elon Musk, Drake, Oprah and its only growing. The estimated value of the app after its most recent launch is already at 1 billion dollars. The app was actually developed by Paul Davison, and ex-google employee Rohan Seth, the app received approximately 12million funding from the firm Andreessen Hrowitz in the month of May and the rest from then onward is history.

However, what does all this hype about the app have to do with us as marketers? And can we use it to our advantage?

Should Marketers be Considering the Potential of Rising Social App Clubhouse?

Is clubhouse the right app for your brand?

Well it all really depends on what type of business you run and what you hope to achieve from an application such as this.

Clubhouse has the opportunity to allow users to be seen as leaders of thought and gives users the chance to expand the audience within the niche. It is noted that some lawyers actually use Clubhouse to share expertise with users.

It would be the perfect place for your brand to share knowledge and insight with your users by starting different rooms or joining different rooms to share or talk about your brand or engage with customers.

Due to the high level of engagement within these rooms, you will only need to initiate the perfect topic of discussion with your room attendees and everything will follow.

Clubhouse is an app that is still growing and they are incorporating new options such as, tipping, ticket sales and subscriptions. All these features pose can to be beneficial in the future to brands and individual creators. In good time, Clubhouse will definitely start introducing advertising options to brands, which will always be a plus point for marketers looking to get the word out.

While clubhouse is still a developing app, there still seems to be a lot of potential with it. It all depends on the type and extend of reach your brand wants to have. This app however definitely should be monitored by your marketing team because at its current pace, it may very well be the next best thing.

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