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Business directories in UAE

Business Directories UAE

If you own a business and are finding it tough to make it successful, you are not alone. It may seem tough trying to publicize the business, or you may not have the funds to carry out an extensive advertisement campaign. Visibility matters here. You need to make your business visible to potential customers. UAE tends to be a developed country, and many business entities are competing with one another to get attention.

You must stand out, and your company’s details be known to customers when they are searching for products and services.

Business directories can help out here. Adding your business to a business listing will not be the only thing that will elevate it. You need to be providing a good service, satisfy customers, carry out an honest approach, be transparent, etc., to be successful. But a company directory can play a major role in enhancing the visibility of a business.

So, what are some business directories in UAE? Read on to find out more:


This is a top online business directory present for local as well as international companies within the UAE. It allows one to list their business.

Businesses, as well as brands, can include their address, email ID, phone number, the link for their website, and WhatsApp chat option. It is a trusted business directory that aids customers in easily connecting with local manufacturers as well as suppliers within Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and even across the UAE.

On the local business directory, there is a wide range of categories present, like automobiles, restaurants, industrial solutions, tools, machinery, etc.


BusinessNetwork.ae tends to be a comprehensive business directory. It has a wonderful platform for companies within the UAE to be able to list their business. This is free of cost.

A major benefit of this free business listing platform is that you can add a link to your business website. This lets potential customers be able to simply visit your website as well as contact you directly. When it comes to some other business directories, they hide the contact details, capture the lead from the potential consumer, and may end up selling the lead back to you.

If you know about digital marketing as well as SEO concepts, you know how vital it is to actively get a link to your website and that from some authentic website. Here at BusinessNetwork.ae, you can list your website link within the listing. Therefore you will have a free SEO advantage.

Dubai Business Directory

When it comes to Dubai Business Directory, it claims to have above 1000 impressions per day. Companies can list their business such as contact details, address as well as a short description.

You will get options for free basic listing along with advanced listing. The free basic listing will be a limited-period offer. For the advanced listing, the directory will charge users a nominal fee.

Local Search

This was established in 2014 within the UAE and gives a database for thousands of businesses in the UAE. They have a website along with a mobile app. The website has a unique along with perfect design allowing iota to be user-friendly.

There is a provision for user review for every company. The customer can select the correct agency that is based on the review ratings.

The above are some business listing directories in the UAE. A business can choose the best one according to its requirements.

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