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What is Programmatic SEO and How to DO It?

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Table of Contents-:
Introduction What Is Programmatic SEO?
What Is the Difference Between SEO And Programmatic SEO?
What Is an Example of Programmatic SEO?
How To Use Programmatic SEO?Conclusion

There are thousands and thousands of pages on the internet today related to various fields such as Entertainment, Sports, Computer Applications, Digital Marketing, Electronics, Literature, and many more. All of these pages are in the form of blogs, articles, columns, etc. These pages are repeatedly visited by the readers. However, some content pages appear to always be at the top of hyper-specific search results. This is because of the Programmatic SEO method. Let’s understand what it is and how to do it.

What Is SEO?

Before understanding Programmatic SEO, first understand what exactly SEO is.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of an internet website’s technical configuration optimization, or making content more relevant and popular so that the pages become most desirable and easy to discover.

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What Is Programmatic SEO?

The production of keyword-targeted pages in an automatic way refers to a Programmatic SEO method. 


In Simple words, Programmatic SEO is a method to create such most searched keyword target pages that automatically lead to heavier traffic landed pages.

Programmatic SEO provides a way for organizations and Companies to build thousands of website-related pages targeted at thousands of search keywords in a particular field.

For example,

Tripadvisor, Thrillophilia, Pran Foods, Clear Correct, and Western Union are different pages, you must visit them multiple times at the top-ranking position because they contain targeted keywords. If you are searching for the “best restaurant near me” because it is a travel or place-related search, the Tripadvisor content page is always on the list of top rankings.

What Is the Difference Between SEO And Programmatic SEO?

One basic difference between Programmatic SEO and SEO is that there is no essential need to write, design, and publish content of pages automated in Programmatic SEO whereas SEO pages need to be written, designed, and published manually. Programmatic SEO is the direct landed pages of low-competition keywords.

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How To Do  Programmatic SEO In Dubai?

Let’s take a look and understand how to do programmatic SEO. There are some necessary steps to be followed in the programmatic SEO method -:

  1. Find keywords 

First, you need to find keywords suitable to your business or your targeted audience. Finding the most relevant keywords is a wonderful strategy in Programmatic SEO.

  1. Choose Or Select Head Terms

Second You have to choose or select head terms. These are the broad-level categories of keywords you are trying to rank.

For example,

Amazon: “grocery, smartphones, electronics, Pran foods”

Tripadvisor: Places, ” best restaurants near me”

These are examples of two different broad-level head terms used by a user.

  1.  Scale Volume Search

Now, Search the keyword by volume and use the keywords that have the most search volumes.

For Example,

Tripadvisor: “Best Places in Dubai”

“Best Places in Dubai Near Me”

“Best Places to Visit in Dubai”

  1. Use All Modifiers And Do a Competitive Search Analysis 

After Using all heavy-volume keywords, Use modifiers. These are of two types primary and secondary related to keywords such as,

Primary Modifiers – Restaurant: Arab food Restaurant, Chinese restaurant Restaurant, [Name] Restaurant

Secondary Modifiers – Restaurant: Cheapest Restaurant near me, 5-star Restaurant near me

You can also do a Competitive Search Analysis with the top-ranking pages. This analysis with the competitor’s website will help you get a general idea about what keywords they are using and ranking at the top this will help you improve your keyword target content.

  1. Make Or Create Landing Pages

Now the main task is creating landing pages. After setting up all the keywords You have to Create Landing pages where you can install all these Keywords. These pages can be thousands in number on your website or can be more. It is a tricky part because creating a landing page is a different process. These thousand pages should also be unique. But don’t worry because we will also tell you how to create unique landing pages in Programmatic SEO.

To create Programmatic SEO landing pages on your website follow these steps -:

Step 1- First you need to go to “Google Search Console” to assemble the target keywords or create search intent pages.

Step 2- This search intent keyword research will help you to create a lot of unique landing pages already as per search intent.

Step 3- To create Programmatic SEO landing pages at a large scale :

  • Take help from an online community such as Reddit that can automatically generate thousands of unique pages.
  • Take help from vendors, who fill up your pages with unique content, images, and Frequently Asked Questions. It is a type of two-sided marketplace system. This system is used by Medialinks, yelp, Expedia, etc.
  • The third way to create Programmatic SEO landing pages In Dubai at a large scale is through e-commerce in which you have to fill in different product details, models, prices, and specifications. Customers also leave reviews and ratings that automatically lead to unique pages.

Step 4- You should also be away from the doorstep pages for running the website securely. Doorstep pages are those pages on which creative or useful content is not found and only intends to rank. These pages are forbidden by Google automatically. 

  1.  Creative Content To Attract Traffic

To create heavy organic traffic to your website try to be creative and generate useful content for readers and users. This is the best Programmatic SEO tip.

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In this blog, You will find all the necessary information about Programmatic SEO, what it is, and how to do it. Want to look for a driven SEO Agency in Dubai  Contact us Today 

Frequently Asked Questions(Faqs)

Q.1 What is an example of programmatic SEO?

Ans- If you are searching for the “best restaurant near me” because it is a travel or place-related search, then the Tripadvisor content page is always on the list of top rankings because of the SEO Programmatic method.

Q.2 How to use Programmatic SEO in WordPress?

Ans- Strategic Programmatic SEO includes the use of SEO-friendly keywords, reliable hosting, link buildings, and more in WordPress.

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