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5 Website Features That Ruin Conversions And How You Can Fix Them in 2023

The ultimate goal for any business is to have a perfect brand perception by their customers. One way of doing so is by having the perfect website but the thing about perfection is that it is difficult to achieve but not impossible. The key to have the best website design is by optimizing the way in which the website works rather than just how it looks. Looks can go so far when it comes to websites and sure it will keep your viewers aesthetically satisfied but good functionality will keep your customers on your website for longer and maybe even cause higher conversion rates. To achieve this, you need to open your website and make sure you are not making these common mistakes that ruin your chances at having a higher conversion rate. These features are;

  1. Clear Content

Have you ever opened a website and at first glance the content or message on the website was pushed together and mimicked one of your college readings that you dreaded to get through? There’s no difference, nobody wants to read through an entire essay of words about your business. In addition, this content should be simple enough for 8 to 9 graders to read and comprehend. On the contrary to popular notion of content, it has a lot to do with your websites design. Imagine a page filled with just words to read through and now picture a website with a few , precise lines that are straight to the point with images and light colors to make the page look more appealing.

  1. Bland Design

I think the best way to consider what a good website design is by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. What exactly about that website is what you expected, and what did you not expect it to have. Your website should be easy to use, at no point of the experience should your viewer feel confused about where to find what, that is what makes the design and user experience optimized. The design in addition should not be too over the top and should incorporate flat website design without making it overly simplistic. If it were too be too simplistic that would make the website boring and who wants a boring website?

  1. Standard Stock Photos

Easy to find and use, stock images are a go to for many website development agencies. Yes, it’s straight to the point but when you look at it, something does not seem to be right. Perhaps the image is too generic and lacks personality for your website. Often a times you do not even need to add images to your website, you just need to keep it clean and minimal with images that are minimalistic yet bold with clean and good content. It is also just as important to keep your images smaller and not of the highest resolution as this can also lead to other issues on your website.

  1. Image Resolutions

At this point it seems like website design will not let you have content that generic or too high resolution so how do we move around this barrier? High resolution images actually slow down the loading time of your website and therefore will hurt the conversion rates as people usually click off your website after 9seconds itself this too is pushing it. In order to go about this issues you will need to optimize your images, crop images or perhaps resize them and use external hosting like a CDN to host and deliver your images.

  1. Organized and makes sense

One thing we have learned over the years is that it pays to be simple when it comes to website design. For example if you have careers section on your website instead of naming it “work with us” you need to just call it “careers”. It is safer to assume that customers will understand the basics rather than the cleverly thought of wording. It benefits websites to have pages that are organized according to every generic website so people know how to navigate with ease. Moreover you can add a few visual cues to help users navigate through your website and add a little bit of color and animation. You have to consider that not everyone is as brilliant and clever as you are, remember keep it to 8 – 9 grade understanding.

It pays to always check on your website to optimize it. Believe it or not a lot of corporate entities still do not have website features perfected and this can therefore disrupt their digital presence. Often regarded as the best website development company in Dubai,, all we do is help you improve your websites performance. Our team of web developers prioritize your websites every working. Drop us a hello and we’ll get started on helping you fix and improve your websites conversion rates. Get in touch with us now:

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