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5 Easy steps for Website Optimization 2023

As early as 2010, website loading speed was listed by Google as a crucial element in their website ranking algorithm, and they have recently upgraded their mobile algorithm to add page loading speed as a ranking signal for mobile sites as well.

Statistics reveal that speed is a very important element for improving conversions — a second’s delay may lead to a 7 % loss in conversions, and 79 % of consumers who have trouble with a site’s speed is unlikely to return for a second look. Every user consistently wants a fast-loading site — that is why optimizing your site for faster performance is crucial.

Here are 5 easy tips for optimizing your site:

  1. Re-check your code — Is the site cleanly-coded without unnecessary and bloating tags or elements? It might be worthwhile to re-examine the way that your code was written. Page load speed functionality increases when you reduce the amount of code which has to be requested from the server.
  2. Content Delivery Network (CDN) –A content delivery system can cache and deliver your content to users across multiple locations
  3. Image optimization — Image optimization is an often neglected area — they’re heavy, slow loading and yet a significant part your site. To lessen the amount of bandwidth consumed every day, optimize images for the mobile and the web according to their proper formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF and so forth.
  4. Database optimization — A routine check of the site’s database to remove duplicate or redundant data can boost website speed, in addition to make it much easier to process, retrieve and manage data.
  5. Accelerated mobile pages — If the majority of your customers access your site through mobile, it’s important to create your webpages AMP compliant. The AMP project is an open source initiative which makes it possible for site owners to create mobile optimized sites and have it load instantly on the mobile internet site.

A marginal increase in website load speed may make a significant difference to your bottom line. Increase your conversions by optimizing your site for the very best performance.

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