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11 Latest UI/UX Designs Trends That Will Likely Reign in 2023

UI/UX design trends will likely reign in 2021. They are one of the most important skills gaining prominence in recent times. The UI/UX designs have given us various designs over time that our eyes could feast on and marvel at the beauty. They are also recurring solutions that help to solve common design problems.

Like all other technologies, UI/UX design is constantly changing. Every year, web developers and UI/UX designers in Dubai are introduced to new trends that become popular amongst websites.

With various designs emerging in the nearest future, I have compiled eleven designs trend that will reign in 2021:

1- Anthropomorphic animations

They are one of the latest and the best UI/UX design trends that will likely reign in 2021: Judging from the number of hours we spent watching TVs, it will only require a little or no time before the screens start staring back at us. 2021 may witness lives being breathed into many interfaces through anthropomorphic animations.

Anthropomorphic animations are those animations that mimic human body movements such as blinking and nodding. It won’t be a surprise to find a character on a production description page brushing a hair out its eyes.

2- AR/VR

The coronavirus pandemic has given unprecedented prominence to the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). In the year 2020, people started working remotely due to many restrictions and lockdowns caused by the coronavirus. Though lockdowns may have been over, many companies still use the zoom app for conference meetings, and the same goes for schools.

3- Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the UI/UX design trends poised to go far beyond 2021. Minimalism becomes imperative as web designers aim to reduce the overwhelming information which consumers interact with daily.

4- UI/UX Simplification

We live in a hectic world. To provide swift response service to website pages, many companies’ websites try to ensure that they fill-up all the blanks on their web pages. This method is likely to be adopted by many companies’ websites this year.

5- Voice User Interface

The latest trend this year is the interaction with the voice user interface. It has been discovered that designs do not necessarily need to be visual to be effective.

6- Glassmorphism

Probably, another UI/UX trend we may experience this year is glass morphism. Glassmorphism deals with an effect named the background blur. The word ‘glass’ basically creates the ‘look through the glass’ effect.

7- 3D Illustrations

We may have left the 2D illustrations’ world behind. The 3D is the new craze in town, and it is here to stay.

8- Using Real Pictures

Though 3D illustrations may be one of the hottest trends in town, it is for a few. We may experience a craze for real-life pictures this year as we already have some websites adopting it.

9- Using Colours

To let the consumer vividly differentiate and remember the product, we now have companies using colors to create magic on websites and mobile apps.

10- Burred Backgrounds

Some companies now use blurred backgrounds in their design to make it look organic and homely.

11- Typography

The latest UI/UX design that may trend this year is using sophisticated typography. Thus typography is expected to play an essential role in the products’ designs. The choice of typography also gives the design a sort of extravagance.

The future looks bright with the UI/UX design trends in 2021. It doesn’t seem to be going away from now. Reach us today to see how we can help you. Email on [email protected]


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