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Why do we need a Mobile Optimized Website in 2023?

Asking this very question, why mobile optimized websites are important, is to be completely in denial of the era we live in now. Everyone and I mean everyone has access to the internet over their phone whether it is through an internet connection or from data. The mobile phone has become a mode of reliance to keep tract of news and interact with several friends and family. There are several reasons why mobile friendly websites are important and here are a few.

  1. Google pays importance to mobile-friendly websites

Surprisingly enough, the google algorithm change that occurred changed the way google displays mobile search results. Mobile friendly websites rank better on google.

  1. Not to mention your website will look great

Your website will have a responsive web design to build or redesign your site. This allows for your website to be responsive to different devices and it will function better regardless.

  1. It will be great for your company reputation

It will build your brand image online and offline as well. People will take note of companies that have a great website that is mobile friendly and optimized. It makes your company seem as if you plan ahead and consider those who are restricted to just phone access. Your reputation is important and should not be ignored.

  1. You will seem considerate to your users

Why would you want to be stuck in the old ages where your website is not mobile friendly and optimized, get with the times and make your websites experience modern, relevant and helpful to your users.

  1. You’ll be able to reach a lot more people

Having a mobile friendly website immediately places your company on the map and helps you get customers a lot faster. Users will not have to look for your site or type in exact URL’s they can perform a search and find you almost instantly

  1. Its general knowledge to have one

Having a responsive, user friendly, mobile friendly website is beneficial on its own and that means users expect this level of functionality from any company at this point. It is not an option.

Having considered WHY it is important to have a mobile friendly website, here are a few tips as to HOW you can adapt your website to be more user friendly.

  1. Make your website as responsive as possible

Using media queries can allow to make your website more responsive to various mobile devices. These techniques make particular use of CSS coding that effect the width, content and elements of your website. It gives your website the ability to stretch or shrink based off of what device is being used.

  1. Limit distractions

If you want users to pay attention into your content make sure there are too many elements present at once. Make sure everything loads at one go so users can focus on the website at once go rather than in separate parts.

  1. Think ahead

AMPS are something google has been championing and holding with high regard and it is the near future of mobile content. These pages improve speed and provide a better overall user experience. Keeping in line with concepts such as this will help you stay ahead of the game and google already ranks higher on search results those websites using AMP.


To get anywhere in the digital world, you need to have everything optimized to work on a mobile phone from apps to websites. At Medialinks, the best website development company in Dubai, we can help you do just that. Let us help you realize the importance of having a mobile website and how you can make the most out of it. Reach out to us at

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