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What is Geo Tagging and How is it useful in 2023?

Within the world of marketing, there seems to be so many different ways to reach your to your customers. As discussed in previous blogs, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, google ad words, the list goes on. Geo tagging has become a new method of marketing within the whole social media craze. We’re going to try and understand what exactly Geo Targeting is and how us marketers can use it to our benefit

What is Geo Targeting?

Have you ever travelled to another country and took a really pretty picture of yourself and tagged the location of the exact place you were when you took that picture. That is geo tagging. It is the process of adding the exact geo location of where you were during that picture from latitude to longitude to an image or website.

Geo targeting is the most common method of adding location specific data to your website. In most cases, your website visitors will not be able to see this data however search engine’s read and catalogue this data. In addition, it helps search engines make a connection between you and the location of your image and help it decipher when exactly it was taken and where. Known to many however, geotagging is not relatively new into the world of website development. What is new is the relevance of geotargeting.

How does Geo Targeting help you?

Search engines are extremely advanced in nature and when fed information through potential customers, they use information from geotargeting to provide results specific to that customers location. In addition, Geo-targeting has helped to narrow down searches from millions of options to specifically some that are most relevant to the user. For businesses, Geo Targeting will actually help your business rank higher on search engines.

How Geotagging is useful in SEO?

Geotagging will help you have all of your information in one spot, your image. The information on this image or webpage will allow search engine’s to put more trust on your link and therefore recommend it to a searcher.

It also increases the rank of your website. Search engines are picky with who they choose to rank higher on search results. Websites with pictures generally rank higher and even more so with geotagging.

Where to place geotagged images?

In order to make the most out of your geotagged images, you will need to place them strategically on your website. You can place them on your blogs, your contact us page, your location page and on your homepage. Preferably if possible, place one geotagged image on all your pages, this would help with maximum optimization

Is geotagging the future of marketing?

Geotagging has excelled in concept on different apps such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram in a business aspect. The concept of geotagging is still evolving in society but we are definitely moving forward and not backward into the days of traditional maps.

Finally, Geo tagging will help you be more conscious of where you are, it can help enhance the experience of travellers by providing more narrowed and precise information pertaining to location. Moreover, geotagging can improve your businesses communication with your customers as it is being used to leverage not only benefits to customers but also allows a lot of small and large businesses to reach their goals faster in terms of customer satisfaction and retention

Often regarded as the best digital marketing company in Dubai by our clients, we understand the importance of geotargeting, if you want to learn more about this new marketing tool, drop us a hello at [email protected] and we will get you started on using geotargeting to best optimize your businesses website.



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