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Web Development for Beginners

To many beginners, the field of web development is so complex, confusing, and elusive. That is not entirely true. Web development, just as every other field or discipline, requires commitment and determination to succeed. Unlike many other professional careers, web development is a skill that does not necessarily need going to a conventional college to get some degree. Once you understand the skill of the letter, you can land a job.

That said. The world is evolving rapidly through technology. Technology is part of our daily interactive life. From the easiest of apps to the most astonishing invention, every website,  and every software, we ever interacted with are systematically built and configured by web developers. Hence, what is web development, and what do web developers do?

Suppose you are a beginner looking to change your career toward web development. This article is designed to take you through web development basics and show you the necessary skills and tools you’ll need to break into the industry.

Why Web Development?

Sometimes choosing a new career path comes with uncertainties. You probably not sure whether the organization will offer credible opportunities and stability. Or how fast can such a shift land you a job?

Many individuals lost their jobs in 2020, companies folded up, hiring slows down drastically, restriction on movement and gatherings. Business meetings and conventions are shifted to virtual platforms. These factors validate the prior questions.

The growing adoption of technology is a reality that has come to stay for good. The pandemic only amplifies it. We interact with technology daily. Everything we do, from using social media to shopping, to virtual conferences, viewing the news, and even connecting with people- most of what we rely on is technology. All of these wouldn’t have been possible without a team of web developers who creates and manage these technologies for an effective user experience.

This is why the roles of developers are crucial in today’s digital world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developers’ employment is projected to grow 8% from 2019 to 2029. Full-stack developers are highly more needed than ever.

Companies,  business organizations, and major e-commerce are constantly hiring developers to move with the market’s competitive trend. A recent record of 2021 job searches on google shows web development coming second on the rank scale. This is an indication that web development is indeed the future.

While other industries are crashing due to the pandemic, the tech industries have fared well. It has become the new normal. And even after the pandemic, people will continue to embrace working online since it brings a lot of relief to the labor culture. As a web developer, you are likely, most of the time, to work remotely. So if you are asking why web development, here are your reasons. More than every other sector, web development and tech generally have been minimally affected by the covid-19 pandemic.

Let’s get back to the basics. What is web development, and what do web developers do?

What Is Web Development?

Simply put, web development is the process of creating websites and applications for internet usage. Web development is concerned with the coding and programming that enables a website to be an efficient interactive entity rather than a passive design.

So, from the colorful social media pages, apps,  e-commerce websites, and content management systems (CMS), everything we do online daily is created and managed by web developers.

Web development is broken down into three stages; frontend developers, backend developers, and data science.

Let’s give a closer look at these stages.

  • Frontend developers, also known as Client-side scripting. This is everything that the end-user experience when interacting with a website. It encompasses what the user sees and interacts with. Thus, layout, fonts, colors, menus, and contact forms are all run by the frontend developer. They use programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to achieve this.
  • Backend developers, also known as server-side scripting, are concern with what goes on behind the scene. Backend developers are responsible for storing and organizing data and also ensures everything on the client-side runs smoothly. Common skills used for back-end development include web frameworks (collections of pre-written code that developers can use for repetitive tasks) like Ruby on Rails and NodeJS (as well as the languages those frameworks are built on—Ruby and JavaScript).
  • Data Science is the third stage. Here, the database contains all the files and content that a website needed to function, stores information in such a way that makes it easy to retrieve, organize, edit and save. The database runs on a server, and most websites typically use some form of the relational database management system (RDBMS).

In a nutshell: the frontend, backend, and data science all work together to create and run a fully interactive website or application, and these layers form the foundation of web development. As an aspiring programmer, understanding this basic is crucial to your journey. Remember, conventional jobs are increasingly phased out as the market gets more challenging. Acquiring web development skills keeps you employed and wealthy.

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