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Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools

The software testing industry is ever-increasing, and so is the acceptance of automation. One of the advantages of using automation is that it does save not only vast amounts of time but also removes the scope for errors.

Why do you need to use tools? It’ll help testers to automate their test scripts. Choosing the perfect testing tool for your applications is crucial to the success of your project.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 mobile app testing tools that could be used for successful application testing management, and these include:

Testing Tools #1: 21-AI Test Creation and Analytics

This is a testing tool that is a sophisticated, self-learning test automation and analytics platform that’s suitable for iOS and Android applications. With this tool, you’ll gain access to a seamless algorithmic locators’ system, which will ensure stable results across all frameworks. Is it fast? Yes, you can create automated functional and UI tests in 5 minutes.

Testing Tools #2: TestComplete Mobile

TestComplete is a testing tool that helps testers create and run repeatable and robust UI tests across native or hybrid mobile apps. Besides being compatible with Android and iOS devices, you can use script-free records and replay actions with it.

Testing Tools #3: Apptim

Apptim aims to help mobile developers and testers test their apps and analyze their performance quickly. It’ll help to prevent any critical issues from going live. What can you do with this tool? You can use it to measure app render times and capture crashes. The good thing about the tool is that it generates a report with the performance metrics and bugs after each test session.

Testing Tools #4: Test IO

This is a leading SaaS platform designed for software crowd testing. Test IO aims to reduce the difficulties faced in rigorously testing quality mobile apps. What do you stand to gain? You’ll get to expand your coverage to hundreds of devices, platforms, and real people in actual-world conditions.

Testing Tools #5: Kobiton

Kobiton is a mobile device cloud platform that offers testers access to real devices to run manual and automated tests on native, web, and hybrid Android/iOS apps. You can test it across devices without script modification.

Testing Tools #6: Robotium

Robotium is an Android test automation framework that is an Open-Source library. What does the test script allow? It allows writing function, system, and user acceptance test scenarios

Testing Tools #7: Appium

Appium is an Open-Source tool that’s suitable for apps written in Android or iOS SDK. The good thing is; you don’t need to modify any app code for testing.

Testing Tools #8: MoneyTalk

MoneyTalk is an open-source tool that automates functional interactive tests for Android and iOS apps. It consists of three components, namely IDE, Scripts, and agents.

Testing Tools #9: iOS UI Automation

This is Apple’s open-source test automation framework that helps to automate interface tests through test scripts. Since it’s specifically for iOS apps, it does not function well with other tools.

Testing Tools #10: UI Automator

This is an open-source framework that permits testing the UI using automated functional test cases on Android. It can run against an app on one or more devices.

There they are! Make use of the aforementioned mobile app testing tools and scale your mobile testing strategy.

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