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The Positive Impact of COVID-19 on Affiliate Marketing

Something that cannot be ignored is the affect that COVD-19 has on all industries all around the world. However as things change as humans and as people of business there will always arise another opportunity to adapt and to grow with this change. Such is the case with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has successfully remained one of the few industries where the impact of COVID -19 has presented a number of opportunities for marketers.

To help you get an idea of how affiliate marketing has grown within this time period have a look below.

  1. It has helped increase the demand in the ecommerce industry.

As customers are bound to their homes and living spaces, they rely solely on online shopping. This there has led to a boost of sales within the ecommerce industry. Those stores that do not offer ecommerce websites are all joining and starting the e-commerce journey.

This in hand puts more eyes on the efforts of affiliates and therefore leads to the rise of profits generated by them. Online shopping has created a platform for consumers to look for discounts online. Within issues such as Tax and shipping fees, it is very likely that consumers are to resort to the marketing efforts of affiliates as COVID-19 has lead to consumers relying on more economical methods of shopping.

  1. Affiliate Marketers is for everyone.

As the pandemic causes uncertainty in job reliability affiliate marketing poses as an opportunity for worried people to make some money as an alternate job to the primary mode of income. Most affiliate marketing programs are on a free to join basis and any social media account where you can promote offers and discounts is a source of income for anyone. The best part about it all is that anyone can do it!

Affiliate marketing is open to anyone with effective word of mouth strategies, a good following on social media. All it requires you to do is to share coupons and or links in order to increase orders. Moreover, affiliates can earn anywhere and at any time! That is what makes it ideal in a pandemic such as this it helps you generate money whilst being stuck in quarantine. You can earn money while you sleep and that is all anyone ever wants.

  1. Focusing on the Niche

It is obvious that within such a pandemic, only some industries will benefit more than others will. Within the UAE, online grocery apps and shopping sky rocketed between March and May 2020.

Such boosts in sales in grocery apps have allowed noticing trends where consumers are making more health conscious products. Therefore, affiliates can then make offers on products that are health conscious. Affiliates in the field can vary their offers and focus on various different niches. This consists of affiliates focusing on different campaigns that may generate more money for them during this pandemic.

  1. Affiliate marketing VS Advertisers and Brands.

As all businesses are starting to go digital, a lot of brands and companies are looking to focus on affiliate marketing in order to save costs and to overall reduce waste and risk on their advertising efforts. Affiliate marketing helps minimize risk because it is on a pay per sale basis. There are no upfront payments for an ad space or content creation for advertising. This therefore reduces risk while in turn still benefiting from selling online during the pandemic.

Despite the disadvantages of COVID-19, and there are a lot, affiliate marketing has helped the industry and provided jobs for those with none. Affiliates and brands can work together to reap the benefits of such a pandemic and make the most of it. Medialinks, often regarded as the best digital marketing agency in the UAE, we can help you make the most of this opportunity. Get in contact now and get started on learning how to effectively incorporate affiliate marketing in your business.

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