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Social Media Trends In 2023

Social media marketing

The pandemic of 2020 has brought about new normal, making e-commerce worldwide focus on a new approach to do business and attract different new customer experiences. With this in place, social media bridges the gap and enables the rapid embrace of digital marketing. As social media platforms are introducing new features, inventing new technologies and algorithms, the space becomes user-friendly and accessible to search for products and services.

Owing to the pandemic, social restriction, and covid-19 mitigation, which has forced people to accustom a new way of interacting, shopping, and working, the use of digital space has changed significantly. Also, social life has become an online venture, and businesses are using new systems to connect and interact with their target audience.

Thus, marketers switch to social media platforms to address two pressing marketing needs: deliver short-term Return of Investment (ROI) using effective marketing tricks and build innovative digital experiences that achieve long-term loyalty, ensuring discovery, connection, and fun back to the customer experience.

Despite the reality on the ground, it’s unfortunate that many businesses are yet to shift grounds maintaining a traditional system that is fast fading away. If you are not aware of this evolution, you are probably doing your business a great deal of disservice. If you are looking for the latest social media trends in 2021, go no further. Here are six social media trends I have put together to help your business grow and increase conversion rate.

6 Social Media Trends in 2021

  1. Videos and live streams continue to explode.

There is no doubt that the global health challenges saw businesses going digital. We saw an increase in zoom conferences and live concerts reduced to artists playing from the comfort of their homes as millions of people stream on. According to stats, times four than usually, people prefer to watch youtube videos; sixty-eight percent of the purchase decision is arrived after watching videos. Since the average person’s attention last eight seconds, a business can engage their users to make a sale. Facebook and Instagram video stories also recorded a massive increase in the level of views. This makes it easy for marketers to reach a vast audience and increase the conversion rate quickly. You can benefit from this new normal if you leverage this endless opportunity that digitalization has enshrined.

  1. Social commerce

Social media is changing the future of marketing. Research shows that fifty-five percent of people made purchases through social media. Many purchase decisions are informed through social media usage. Also, the shopping rate has increased more than we saw before the pandemic. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have already implemented e-commerce features.  Social commerce will remain in full swing in 2021 and beyond.

  1. Expand of Virtual Reality (VR).

To curtail the pandemic’s spread, the covid-19 protocols have forced people to seek meaningful interaction virtually. With VR, people connect and interact socially with one another across the world. Today, virtual learning is the trend. 3D products are reported to experience a massive sale rate compares to regular products.

  1. Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality experience is highly interactive and sustains engagement. Like Virtual Reality, the current circumstance has enabled the rapid adoption of augmented reality. Since it doesn’t require more hardware than the smartphone, users find it easy to interact with. For any e-commerce to keep its target customers connected and entertained and possibly attract new customers with the right promotion, there is a need to quickly buy into this latest social media trend by creating AR filters to promote new products or facilitate customer interaction.

  1. Tapping Social Conversions to Create Relevant Content

As a social media trend. As social platforms continue to evolve and adapt new features and tools, more and more online activities, from shopping to work to marketing, promotion, and interaction, increase. Why? People are looking out for funny and entertaining content, and social media makes provision for that. Also, sixty-eight percent of people think companies are not creating funny content -an eye-opener for business enthusiasts-. Developing ads that meet people’s needs increases the conversion rate. With this trend, you can establish online visibility for your business and improve client conversion.

Final thought, social media is the opium of endless marketing possibilities that solidifies any brand to register success. The new algorithms and features are making marketing processes more secure and effective. In 2021, brands must key into social media trends and make the best out of them.

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