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Should You Start Investing in Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps is the right decision when a business is looking forward to the expansion. Acquiring new customers and engaging with a broader targeted audience on the mobile web is more comfortable with a PWA.


PWA or Progressive Web App is a technology you should invest in.” Almost every business coach and influencer are talking about the same.

Knowing how a Progressive Web App benefits your business,  Web Development Companies Dubai will help you leverage them to transform your business digitally for the next level of growth.

Advantages of investing in a PWA



Whether to develop an Android or iOS is not an issue now as PWAs work on any browser, any device.

Easily Shareable

You can share your PWA URL using emails, social media posts, SMS, QR codes, and more.

Better UX

PWAs have eliminated the challenges web apps had and have the UX benefits of a native mobile app.

Highly secure & reliable

Being a web app, PWA has extra data security layers, including HTTPS.

Improved user engagement

Using PWAs, you can send push notifications that have a higher conversion ratio. So, your customers not just engage with your brand but even make purchases.

Trade Reach

PWAs can take the user across varied devices and platforms at less app development cost and effort. This directly takes the brand visibility to the next level.

Benefits of making your next App a PWA 

Reliability: Progressive Web App to start instantly, irrespective of the state of the network.

Speed: The period it takes for a web app to load and function is rapidly related to the probability of a user abandoning it.

Engagement: PWAs are installed on the user’s home screen without the intervention of an app store.

Brands that have involved PWAs in their plans comprise

1. Uber

The best thing about Uber’s PWA is the speed that it offers, irrespective of the network area you are in. From the second you access m.uber, you are given a choice to either show the map for a full app-like experience or let go of loading the map to provide your app load times a push. The experience eradicates all the service-related problems and offers an even more fulfilling ride experience.

2. Instagram

What instantly grabs users’ attention when it comes to Instagram PWA is the speed, which is much greater than its Native counterpart. It even allows using the native camera exactly like Insta’s native app, as well as sharing its push notification abilities.

3. Trivago

For users who prefer the screen size benefit that a laptop offers compared to what they find on their mobile handset device, Trivago’s PWA has changed their perception entirely. The instant response time that the app comes with leaves no space for lags, even with pages full of images, data, links, and tables.

4. Starbucks

This PWA of the Coffee giant mirrors its present Starbucks native app almost neck to neck, with all of its prime features like mobile pay, mobile ordering, and account management available here as well. The best part of this PWA is that, unlike its Native app, it just takes 4% of the device storage space, freeing up a major portion of the user’s storage bucket.

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