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Powerful Instagram Marketing Tools That Work

One of the most well-known platforms for sharing photos of family, friends, pets and even food is Instagram! With over 800million monthly users and 60 million photos posted every day, Instagram is the place to be on social media.

Posting content that is relevant to your followers will also be exceptionally important however understanding which posts are best for your audience are just as important. As a digital marketing agency that also specializes in Social media management, we know just how to create content that is relevant to your business and to your customers.

Rest assured we’re here to help you with marketing tips that you can use to make the most out of your Instagram account and they are;

  1. Using a business profile instead of a normal one

This step is relatively easily and is accessible through the settings which will let you switch from your standard account to your business account.

Having a business account will enable

  • Customers to directly get InTouch with you through the click of a button
  • Make use of Instagram ads without having to use Facebook advertising tools.
  • You will be able to access analytics tools in order to understand the impressions and reach each of your posts are getting

The tools that come with the Business profile will help you tract and understand your audiences needs and trends

  1. Instagram’s free tools

The tools from Instagram give you insight into where your followers are from, their gender, age group, impressions etc. based off the statistics from these tools you can adjust your marketing efforts to best cater to this audience.

  1. Sponsored ads

Instagram ads are very common for the platform the easiest bit about it is that you can choose how much you want to spend on the ad by setting a budget for the ad.

Within your one ad you can show one ad or multiple ads.

Brands are now able to target audiences who don’t follow them in order to ensure of more reach for their ads. It is important to use content that is engaging on your sponsored ads while at the same time appealing to the audience you are targeting.

  1. Make use of Instagram stories

The best way to generate leads would be through Instagram Stories, they differ from regular posts because they are shown in more of a slideshow format.

Despite them being live for only a limited time of 24 hours. Stories can be save on your highlights and referred to later or reused again. This feature is one that is very similar to Snapchat Stories and is even directly a competitor with Snapchat.

The benefits of Instagram stories are plenty

  • Customers begin scrolling through your story on the daily as they would their followers.
  • Your content does not need to line up with your feeds aesthetic
  • The type of content shared on your story can vary greatly from photos, short videos and rewinds videos or Boomerangs.
  1. Use influencers for a wider reach

Influencers on Instagram are among the most “influential” in social media. Provided you find the right influencer for your industry, you will be able to branch out to multiple professionals in your industry to use your services and products. It all begins with finding the right influencer who speaks to your relevant target audience.

In addition, your customers right now may not be as fancy as new influencers but using their user submitted photos (provided they are positive reviews) will help give credibility to your brand and business.

It is important that you post at the right time and also do not ever over post! Post every one to two times a day and make sure you keep track of when your followers are most active. Scheduling posts to go live at those certain times will be really helpful too. If you need more help with managing your social media accounts, Medialinks is the digital marketing agency in Dubai to help you out! Drop us a hello and we’ll get right to making sure you dominate your Instagram marketing game!

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