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How to get started with Social Media Marketing?

You’re trying to develop your business, and from your research, you’ve concluded that a stronger presence online via social media is the way to go. But where are you starting from?

Taking the first move to social media can be daunting. There are so many platforms,  so many users, and so much content waiting to be discovered, where do you even start? What are your overall marketing objectives for your business? There’s a lot to process.

Outsourcing the best social media marketing company in Dubai will help you discover all the aspects of marketing and drive conversions for you.

Luckily, this guide will provide a helpful simple step-by-step guide to social media marketing for beginners.

Start with knowing your primary objectives for using social media

Before you can start using social media, you need to ask yourself some key questions about why you’re doing it. What are you hoping to do? Do you expect to boost revenue or enhance customer service? Or instead, you’re only looking to create a little more exposure for your brand? Knowing your objectives will help you chart the path you need to follow, and the marketing techniques to use.

Come up with a catchy and unforgettable social media handle

Ideally, your brand name on social media should be one that’s catchy and unforgettable. When it comes to your social presence, you’re going to want to pick a handle name that people can remember and recognize through all of your social brands.

Take it a step at a time

There are a variety of social networks, for example, Twitter, Facebook,  LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and so on.  But the truth is this—you can’t (and shouldn’t) attempt to build your social presence on all of these channels at a go. Ultimately, you will end up stressing yourself and losing your message.

At first, be selective. Choose one or two platforms to get started – the ones that make the most sense for your company to be on, depending on your target audience and be consistent on them. Then, if you have enough time and resources to invest, start to scale up your efforts and spread your wings to other platforms.

Hone in on your target audience

As you build your social strategy, select sites and content strategies, and so on, you’re likely to be motivated by one main question: who’s your audience?

This is going to affect everything. Take your choice of site, for example. Suppose you’re trying to cater for millennials and Gen Z. In that case, you should prioritize Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat rather than other networks. Pinterest works well if you’re targeting moms. Facebook is wider and appealing to all.

Pick unique talents to make up your social media team

When your social presence starts to scale, you won’t be able to manage most parts of it on your own. You’ve got a company to run, and you’re going to need help.

Try to create an alpha team of people who bring various talents to the table. Such as content writers, videographers, graphic designers e.t.c

Measure the results of social media

Remember the goals you hope to achieve with social media, whether it’s growing revenue, improved service, better visibility, or any other metrics you set.

To know if you’re achieving your desired goals, you will need to monitor your success and evaluate the strengths and limitations of your campaign. If you wanted to boost your profits, look at the figures – are they going up?


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