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Essentials for an E-commerce website

There are many different elements that contribute to the perfect E-commerce website. As many businesses are beginning to migrate into the e-commerce market, there are several features that need to be perfected within your E-commerce website in order to make sure that you are the top contenders within e-commerce competition.

As a web development agency in Dubai, we ensure all our clients receive their e-commerce website with these features on top of its game. Here are the features;

  1. Images and Videos of High-quality

Visual stimulation will undoubtedly catch the eye of any of your visitors, the brighter, more relevant and appealing the images are the better. Images and videos add a hint of professionalism to your website and so elevate the customer experience.
It is important to remember that your images and videos should not be too overwhelming for your website. This will then increase loading speed and then take down the user experience all together.

  1. Payment options – make them plenty

Nothing is better for a customer than when they log in to make a purchase and are provided with several different payment options rather than just the standard.

Providing your customer with several options such as Apple Pay, PayPal, and Samsung pay will prove beneficial besides just your standard credit cards. This also helps your customers decide whether they can make a purchase or not ahead of time

More options also boasts a level of authenticity and professionalism within your company.

  1. Checkout options should be ideal in your website

It’s always a plus point when checkout options are easier for customers. They see something they like, they add it to their cart and they checkout. It should be a simple process with minimal steps in-between. Make sure buttons for checkout and add to cart also attract your customers just as much.

  1. Navigation that is user-friendly

Customers just want a platform and website in which they can browse with ease. Ease of user interface and design in not only improve the experience but improve traffic and time spent on your website which will in turn help you rank better on SEO. User friendly navigation can never go wrong.

  1. Mobile friendly interface

A constant reminder to all web developing companies is that they need to make sure the website is mobile friendly. According to Statista, mobile devices including tablets generate 50.81% of global website traffic, this is more than half of your customers which just proved how important it is to have mobile friendly websites.

  1. Security

E-commerce websites deal with a lot of important information when it comes to buying and selling goods. Therefore it is very important to prove to your clients and your customers that their information is safe with you and your website. Cybercrime is very much still present online and security that is not up to mark will only do harm to a company’s reputation and in turn cause for financial and legal risk.

  1. Keep up to date on products

I think we have all been in a scenario when we were making an online purchase and this purchase was brought to a halt because an item that was supposed to be available was now out of stock and worst of all there was not update on this.

It is important to make sure your customers are continuously informed on the availability of certain products that may also be on their wish list. When reminding customers of less stock on items they prefer, may also push them to make orders on these items.

In conclusion, following these few tips about how to optimize your e-commerce website will help you step up your performance online. For all you new SME’s who have no idea what we are talking about, let us help you. Drop a hello to us and we’ll be ready to help you take your e-commerce website to the next level!

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