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Ecommerce SEO Guide for Beginners

The best way to promote your online shop and boost sales is through eCommerce SEO. You don’t even need to be an SEO expert to know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be the difference between website visibility and is an absolute beast.

The concept of SEO is ever-present on today’s internet, and it’s a major determinant of how much success a business will have. In this guide, you’ll get an introduction to the core concepts that you can start applying to your online store today.

What is eCommerce SEO?

First, eCommerce SEO is the science of getting various pages of your website to rank high in a search through search engines such as Google and Bing.

One of the benefits is that SEO rankings are organic, which means you’re not paying a dime through Google Ads.

Five eCommerce SEO Tips

Here are the five eCommerce SEO tips to follow as a beginner:

SEO Tips #1: Keyword Research

Are you wondering why you need to do keyword research? Your website should include the term that shoppers type in when they’re ready to purchase their favorite product, which you offer.

Look at your intent while searching for keywords, as your keywords must align with what the shoppers truly want. After searching, you can now sprinkle them all over your site in sections such as product names and descriptions.

SEO Tips #2: Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Images Optimization

The next thing to do after you input the keywords all over your site is to pay attention to three key areas of the “backend” of your site. These include the page titles, meta descriptions, and images.

Do you see that top blue line in your Google search result? That’s the page title. You should fit in a keyword or two in the 70 characters long title. Next is the text underneath the page title, which is the meta description. Add your keywords correctly in the 320 characters long description. Lastly, name your images with keywords because search engines will crawl the information and use the ranking data.

SEO Tips #3: Website Optimization

Architecture is the way you organize all the pages of your store. This is one of the important tips to enhance eCommerce SEO while also improving the user experience of your potential consumers.

What does an ideal website architecture? It should have a clear, logical structure for how everything is organized.

SEO Tips #4: Mobile-Friendly Optimization

In the modern world, people spend a lot of time on their phones; thus, they love shopping on their phones. Based on a report, mobile commerce is predicted to be nearly half of all eCommerce sales.

Your site must be fully responsive to the user’s device so that your customers will have a smooth experience with their phones.

SEO Tips #5: Begin a Link-Building Strategy

Backlinks or Inbound Links are a famous eCommerce SEO strategy. How do backlinks occur? It occurs when one website includes a link to another site on one of its pages.

You can make use of link-building strategies by writing guest blogs on other websites, start an influencer marketing campaign, and register your website on different types of directories.

SEO can be a little confusing to start with, but once you get the hang it, you’ll be well on your way to creating SEO-content that is loved and ranked high by search engines.

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