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Should You Start Investing in Progressive Web Apps?

  Progressive Web App is the right decision when a business is looking forward to expansion. Acquiring new customers and engaging with a broader targeted audience on the mobile web is more comfortable with a PWA.   BONUS  PWA or Progressive Web App is a technology you should invest in.” Almost every business coach and […]

React Native An App Development Tool for All Scales

React Native An App Development Tool and their benefits: Several major benefits to using this technology. React Native doesn’t need any special software or platform. It’s also open-source with no special licenses so that you can adopt the latest innovations. This lets smaller companies take advantage of development teams to make at organizations like Facebook, […]

Mobile App Branding Strategies

As highlighted by many studies, customers pay a massive proportion of their digital media time on mobile apps. No enterprise will implement a branding strategy with success while not adopting a mobile-first approach. Additionally, to connect and communicate with customers through the app, an enterprise has to explore ways to use the app as an […]

Trends in Mobile App Growth to Look Out for

Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives. We use phones for everything we do, from listening to music, watching movies, sport, and many more. It is vital to keep mobile phone apps fun and updated. Technological advancement, consumer demands are keeping mobile app developers on their toes to deliver edgy apps for mobile […]

Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools

The software testing industry is ever-increasing, and so is the acceptance of automation. One of the advantages of using automation is that it does save not only vast amounts of time but also removes the scope for errors. Why do you need to use tools? It’ll help testers to automate their test scripts. Choosing the […]

App marketing: Top 10 tips to drive App downloads

There are about 2.5 million apps on the Google play store and 1.8 million apps on IOS. Through these apps, we have access to myriads of information, connect with people across the different continents, and so much more. With so many options to choose from, it is a must for app developers to have a […]

Development Cost of an eCommerce Payment App Like Paytm

Presently, every country is moving towards digitization to build a cashless economy. Nobody wants to pay with cash when shopping in shops, restaurants, and many more places. This gives birth to the emergence of mobile wallet applications. These mobile wallets aim to help users to transact money with ease enormously. Any leading Ecommerce website development […]

Four Qualities You Must Look Out for in an App Development Company in UAE

Four Qualities You Must Look Out for in an App Development Company in UAE The talk about the effect in which mobile apps have on the life-space continuum in itself is unending. Many things have been made possible with mobile apps’ help, ranging from bringing business to a comfortable point, improving health capacities, and providing […]

Four Qualities a Mobile App Must Have

An Era without mobile applications can almost not be extracted from memory, except that you move over to the ancient periods, times after the advent of smartphones are considerably the ancient times. Virtually everyone understands the ease and importance of going virtual and moving to an online world, more so business owners. Who should always […]

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