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Average time on page and its impact on your E-commerce website

If it you were to walk about in a mall on your day off, chances are you will not spend your time in stores where you have no interest. Rather you would spend more time in stores where there is a potential of purchase or any form of interest. Similarly, traffic generated to your website can be of a significant number but the average time spent on your page is where the true importance lies. As an E-commerce website development company in Dubai, we understand the importance of time spent on your website page and will help you improve just that.

Average time spent can be defined simply as it is, the time on average a visitor spends on your website. We can relate this to the average websites bounce rate. A websites bounce rate is what helps business analyse whether visitors are interested enough to explore their website. The higher the bounce rate, the greater the amount of visitors clicking off your website and the less time spent on your website.

Therefore, you might be wondering, “Why it is so important to keep my average time on page high and my bounce rate low?” Well for any e-commerce website, it is crucial for businesses to keep potential customers on their website for as long as possible. According to research, if a potential customer is on your website for they will spend 50 seconds on an item that they plan to purchase, it is important to note this from website analytics.

Practices in order to improve average time spent on your e-commerce website:

Improve your content:
Make sure that the content you have on your website is one that is engaging to its visitors.
Customers do not want to open your website and see the generic content they find on every other website. Stand out and make sure your website has content that is informative, precise and immersive.

Check on your page loading speed:
A factor previously discussed of significant importance is how long it takes your website to load for your visitors. The longer it takes its most likely that you have a greater bounce rate for your website, as visitors are not going to want to stick around for a slow website. Poor page loading speed also reflects on the image of your company and its professionalism.

High page time is not always a good thing:
Yes, having a good amount of time spent on your website will prove that you have content that is engaging however this simply is not enough in order to secure purchases by customers. Customers can have high page time on your website simply because they did not find what they were looking for therefore it is crucial to have navigation systems that will allow customers to find what they are looking for with ease and with an optimal amount of time spent on your website.

Review your SEO:
Yet again, SEO plays an important role in the traffic pull to your website. Incorporating appropriate keywords, Meta descriptions and title tags in order to generate organic traffic to your website will mean that you get visitors who will stay longer on your page because it is exactly what they were looking for which will therefore improve average time on page for your website!

In conclusion, it is important to keep track of things such as the average time spent on page. It helps you as a company to evaluate where you are right and where you may be going wrong. Following such trends can be crucial for any e-commerce website development company in Dubai, at Medialinks, we follow the advice we have given you, and if you do require help with improving your average time on page do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!

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