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5 Most Effective Tactics to Use in Web Development


Web development is not as easy as most people have been made to trust. It’s a necessary process which ultimately determines how your target market interacts with your brand, company, or organization. And there is more to creating an eye catching and user-friendly website than simply coding ethics. At Medialinks, we pride of being regarded as one of the best website development company in Dubai by our clients, we develop websites that create impact. It’s no secret that the growth of technology is in a continuous sky high, meaning that as a web developer you need to be on the top of your game. That aside, there are several other crucial factors you have to think about prior to beginning the web development procedure.

Here’s a list of 5 most essential factors that should be considered by every web developer before they begin designing and building a site.

  1.  Target Audience

The design, performance, look, and navigation of the site has to be driven by a purpose that aligns with the target market and meets their needs. With that in mind, planning and research ought to be the first step in your web design process. It’s imperative to comprehend the goal of the website as well as the consumer personas. Doing this allows the web developer to align the features of the site with its purpose, which ultimately determines users’ experience with the brand.

  1. UX Driven Development & Usability

User experience (UX) design is the process used to create web eco systems that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users, basically which looks more user friendly to the end user. A user friendly interface directly affects the retention of visitors to your website. Consider the simple fact that ordinary users or visitors are not HTML specialists, so that they need things simplified. This means that the design should make navigation through the website easy rather than a badly organized treasure hunt. To prevent traffic from abandoning your site for another more suitable and well-organized site consider making sure that visitors quickly get the ideal information readily and conveniently placing the subscriptions buttons for ease of navigation.

  1. User interface (UI) Planning & Aesthetics

UX planning usually comes first in the website development process, followed by UI. Possessing an appealing appearance is a no brainer. Consider the fact that the website has less than 10 seconds to make an impression on a customer and decide their next move. Visually appealing content may evoke an emotional reaction, such as calmness, trust, happiness, or frustration, from a potential customer. A general rule of thumb to use as it comes to choosing the perfect color scheme and layout for a website is putting into consideration the vital elements of a new like a target audience, company’s market, branding and how the color scheme or layout matches the manufacturer’s logo. 

  1. Speed and Functionality

The speed and performance of your website can create or violate the online presence of your own brand. Generally, your website has approximately three to five seconds to load; otherwise, users will depart the webpage, which restricts the earnings traffic, and customer feedback. Any broken links, operational issues, or loading problems are a result of a performance issue. During the website development process, check to make sure that sections like contact forms, surveys, and customer opinions are functioning properly and not causing your site to underperform. 

  1. Brand Consistency

When we talk about a new, we usually refer to the title, Logo, or visual element that’s associated or used to represent a company. But there is more to this term ‘brand’ than just the visual components. In the real sense ‘new’ refers to the emotional or emotional associations that consumers have with your organization, product, or service. Therefore, branding is vital to the success of your business. The fonts, color schemes, portfolio, and the logo ought to be consistent across all platforms to guarantee new familiarity, audience involvement, and above all drives earnings. In general, brand identity should be incorporated in web development.

Whatever the reason for creating a website, every website should meet its purpose, drive traffic, convert visitors, and push sales. The things to take into account in web development cited above are tested and proven to be certain you attain this.


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