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10 Smart Moves To Grow Your Business On Facebook

Smart Moves To Grow Many thousands of start-ups and home-grown businesses get on to Facebook every day in a bid to achieve their business goals at Performance Marketing Agency in Dubai

Grow Your Business On Facebook
                                                                     Grow Your Business On Facebook

Here are Ten smart moves to get your business growing with Facebook.

      1.Start talking

The number one rule of the game is understanding what your customer wants; what does your target audience care about? What makes them “engage” with you on Facebook? Create meaningful conversations with them, and soon you will find out. The engagement has a wonderful effect on your customers. They develop an affinity and loyalty to your brand.

  1. Get them motivated

Offers and competitions are great incentives that draw people to your page and help you reach out to a wider audience. You will see an immediate perk-up in likes and shares, and often within a short period.

  1. Give great content

Inspire your audience with great content that strikes a chord with them. There’s no better way to connect with your audience than talking to them about topics that are relevant to them. This https://www.globalmediainsight.com/blog/wp-admin/users.phpway, you can be rest assured that they will keep coming back for more.

  1. Make Customer Service a priority

Superlative customer care will set you apart from your competition. Messaging on FB is very easy and can be done within minutes. By using E Commerce Companies in Uae, It’s a great way to stay in touch with your customers. Go to your Page Admin section to set your query response time. Now visitors to your page will know how quickly you respond.

5.Try videos

With more than 8 billion views, videos are gaining ground as the winning medium on Facebook. Even your simple, homemade, how-to video can work wonders for your page and drive up engagement.

Another Five Smart Moves Are:

  1. Get insights from Insight

Visit the Insights section of your page, and it will reveal a great deal of information. You can find out who’s looking at your page, when, where, and how. Armed with this info, you will be able to understand what type of content works best. Insights are beneficial if you want to go in for Facebook Ads. They will help you narrow in on your target group. You will be able to come up with a winning strategy for the ad copy and creativity.

  1. Get your customers to be a part of your story

When your customers are happy, it tells. Get your satisfied customers to share their stories or pictures on your page. This will build trust and works as an opportunity to reach a larger number of people.

  1. Relevant content for your target audiences

Engage with your target audience with the content they are hungry for. You will be rewarded with engagement and loyalty towards your brand.

  1. Discover new audiences

Facebook makes it easy to acquire new fans. Custom and Lookalike audiences can be created with the existing fan data, and you will be able to reach people with learning for your product or services.

  1. Turn fans into customers

The new Carousel ads on Facebook allow a selection of your products to be shown at once. Holiday homes and tour operators have achieved many conversions at marginal costs by re-targeting website visitors with FB ads showing the properties they recently viewed.


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