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Why and How Web Design Contributes to PPC?

By now you should know that having a website is a fundamental component of establishing your digital presence but having a web design is just as important. Web design contributes to having a good user experience, SEO and also PPC.

PPC also known as pay per click, it is a digital marketing method in which the advertisers have to pay every time one of their ads are clicked by a potential lead. PPC ads show up on search of engines when related key words and searches are used. These PPC are always distinctly differentiated from the rest as they have the word “Ad” written next to it.

The sole purpose of these ads are to redirect viewers to the company’s website and hopefully gain some new leads.

Moving on to the next big question, what does web design have to with PPC?

PPC has an element that can help site visitors convert as PPC visitors come straight from search engine inquiries this is where your web design becomes important as it will be what will keep these visitors on your website and hopefully convert them.

Here are some ways in which both PPC and web design work together to maximize conversion;

  1. Easy navigation = Conversion

A website that can be navigated easily will automatically allow for conversions. In the end, everyone wants to find what they need on a website with maximum ease and least amount of layers to the website. When visitors feel like your website is easy to navigate through they are immediately happier and so purchase whatever was advertised on the search engine.

  1. CTA (Call to action) will help achieve PPC objective

Call to action will push your visitors to directly complete a certain action. Usually the CTA is found in the end of your landing page or in the beginning of your website. The button should be appealing and should encourage visitors to make immediate decisions and purchases.

  1. Fast Loading speed to prevent high bounce rate

Slow websites are always a major downside for website visitors, it is also a hint of unprofessionalism in any industry. The better the loading speed the better chance you have for visitors to stick around on your website. A good PPC agency ensures that web design is highly responsive and with faster speed will effectively improve your conversion rate.

  1. Good user experience for better retention

Sure PPC will bring you a lot of leads, but the web design keep your leads constantly coming back even after the campaign has ended. Making the most of your ad can only be done by creating well designed web pages with highly responsive web design that gives a good user experience.

An element of importance, undoubtedly web design plays a key role in determining the success of a PPC campaign. Make sure you follow tips on how to have the perfect web design that will help compliment your PPC campaigns, this is often done when both marketing specialists and web designers work hand in hand to ensure the success of the campaign and to make maximum use of these paid methods of advertising.

As a web design ad digital marketing agency in Dubai, Medialinks specializes in both PPC and web design, our in-house team work closely to perfect both and make sure our clients campaigns go live and are always successful, drop us a hello and get started on your Website and Campaign with Medialinks.

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