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What is a Responsive website? Why is it important?

As a business owner, one must be aware of the importance of a business website for the business, whether big or small. It draws the attention of customers from around the world and make profits in double. It also helps potential clients know about your business which is again advantageous for you. At Medialinks, regarded as the best website development company in Dubai, help you create versatile and robust website for your business.

Currently, smart phones and other devices have taken more than 90% of the internet entirely. From browsing social media, to do online shopping almost every consumer is using their mobile and apparently has become extremely important for every website to be mobile friendly as well. This is where a responsive website comes into place. Responsive website is not a trend, infact it’s the much needed element for our consumers to experience the organized websites regardless of the device they access it on.

Here are few of the benefits of having responsive website design:

Cross-compatible adaptations:

The significant advantage of this responsive site is that the flexibility to accommodate the site on various displays. Your site gets readily accessible to all of the devices. Based upon how big the display, it guarantees consistency in the data, relocate the material as well as the pictures, and gives a neat design that’s suited to each individual screen dimensions, which consequently makes the navigation easy to your client.

Easy to maintain:

Making multiple versions of your site may be an expensive affair and tiresome procedure. Considering only notebook, iPad and iPhone, so, you want to double your efforts and construct 3 distinct sites for 3 distinct devices. But using a responsive site, you’ll avoid these attempts completely and your site will operate smoothly on all of the respective devices. Additionally, it assists in maintaining the single search engine optimization effort for all of the devices. Thus, responsive site design won’t just save your money and time but may also keep your clients contented and fulfilled.

Improves SEO:

The advantage here is that you only have to maximize the site content for after as for all of the devices that the link stays same. The URL structure is same for all the devices. Additionally, it assists Google to crawl your site easily and enhances your SEO keywords positions.

Cost Effective:

Creating one site rather than two is actually economical formula. The benefit of having one site which affirms the requirements of all of the devices are important rather than 2 sites. The responsive site also enriches the search engine optimization efforts by using of the users led to the single site despite the device utilized.

Recommended by Google:

As you realize that Google is the most dominating search engine on earth, hence, if it urges responsive site design for your enterprise website, you need to pay attention. The rationale being, responsive site designs whether employed in any sort of devices, have the exact same HTML with another design but the exact same URL. This makes it simple and effective for Google to crawl, index and organize the material to the exact same website when navigated on multiple devices.

Higher conversion rate:

The responsive site will surely raise your visitors and possible customers to your website. It is important to make certain your website is intended to accommodate all of the traffic irrespective of the kind of device they’re using.

User Experience:

The responsive site is your user experience that permits people to absorb the content of any site via any device of their choice. No scrolling or resizing is needed for some traffic to access your site from any apparatus.


To have it or not is not an option for any website owner. It is a must do-task on your online marketing efforts. It is not just about Google upgrade, but it is essential that you to keep your customers happy when they go to your site. In the end, we just do not work for Google Search Engine but also for the audiences. So it is really important to make your site a responsive one. Regarded as the best site development company in Dubai, Medialinks can help you in creating an excellent responsive site that’s user-friendly and cost effective, producing your business flourish in every facet.


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