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Top 3 WordPress Backup Plugins

WordPress backup plugins

Ever since the coming of the technological era, the amount of data that we are now capable of storing on our devices has become more than what we could ever imagine. When we switch from one phone to another, we always have a backup ready in order to restore all our previous data into our new devices. Just as we have backups for our other devices, it is just as important to have backup plugins for your word press website. Deciding which are the most suitable plugins that will securely back up your website in case anything were to happen to it is the question at hand, and as the best website development company in Dubai, we’re here to answer that question for you.

Lucky for us, WordPress has the option to install plugins directly from their hosting. By accessing the plugins tab, you will be able to download the plugin directly, which is inevitably quick and easy. However, deciding which plugins are most suitable will is still up for debate, let’s have a look at our plugin options

  1. Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy, since early 2010 has been used on already half a million Word Press websites. This plug-in will enable you to back up your entire website directly from your WordPress dashboard. It will also enable you to schedule automatic backups, restore your files quickly and send your backup files to a remote secure location.

Backup Buddy’s golden feature – Their ability to repair and optimize your database
Backup Buddy will always ensure you have the latest backup of your website in the form of a zip file in order to restore any broken website at your convenience by automatically sending the files to remote secure storage locations like google drive or Dropbox.

  1. Up Draft Plus

UpDraftPlus is one of WordPress’ most frequently used plugins with over 3 million active installations, it is known as one of the most popular backup solutions. UpDraftPlus makes restoration of your website files effortless and easy and is most often suggested for beginner websites as this plugin is offered for free.

UpDraftPlus Golden Feature – It’s free and uses server resources than other free backup plugins. In addition to this, UpDraftPlus supports a number of cloud storage platforms including google drive, drop box, amazon s3, Microsoft OneDrive etc. UpDraftPlus also allows you to set up your backup process simultaneously as you work on more pressing matters.

  1. BlogVault

BlogVault is another reliable plug-in that has been used by over 4 million websites and is trusted by businesses such as Astra, GoWP and Cloudways. BlogVault offers a dashboard that is centralized and allows you to manage multiple websites at one go. One top of that, BlogVault gives performance checks that inform you about your site speed and how to improve your website.
BlogVault Golden Feature – If your website were to experience downtime, BlogVault sets up your backup in a manner that will still be visible to your visitors even when the website is down.

BlogVault backs up everything from media library content, blog posts, media files, user details, plugin file, categories, themes, tags and much more.

There are many backup plugin options out there, but according to our research, these 3 plugins have the highest success rate and usage amongst credible websites. However, when choosing your final backup option it is important to note these few criteria, how good the restoring options are, whether the plugin is compatible with your website and does not add any additional loading time to your website and if your plugin has cloud storage as this feature makes the plugin cost-effective, easily accessible and safe. It is important to have a backup of your website, so do so regularly and choose wisely!

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