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How Website Can Help You Increase Your Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that land on your website who complete the desired action. It is one thing for a visitor to visit your website or online store and another thing to make a purchase. In this highly competitive digital world, it is easy to get customers to your websites, however not so easy to get them to buy from your store.

On average, the conversion rate is two percent. That’s for one hundred visitors that show up on your website, and you get two customers. On a broader scale, business websites only have around zero points one percent to zero points two percent conversion rate. That is, it takes a thousand visitors to get one customer. This reality, unfortunately, can be frustrating for e-commerce owners.

Businesses survive when they generate enough leads and turn them into customers. Customers make business possible, which means they have an important role to play if your business must succeed. Having an impressive website is the first step, quite all right, but certainly not enough to get customers to buy from you.

To have a good understanding of this, visit your website from a customer’s viewpoint and see if everything appears trustworthy. Is there an address documented for the company? Is there an option to chat or communicate with a support representative? Our refund and shipping policies clearly stated on the main pages? All of these make the difference between someone visiting your product’s page and kicking out and someone who starts making purchase decisions. These and more things you must put into consideration if you must increase your conversion rate. I have compiled ways your website can help you improve your conversion rate.

12 ways your website can help you increase your conversion rate.

1- You must build trust. Anyone coming to your website for the first time comes with dozen impressions, all leading to an opinion of the site’s trustworthiness. Hence, you must consider putting up a professional design, make visible the number of clients, reviews, years of existence, testimonials, phones, email, and HTTPS(website security).

2- Make your design simple to navigate. Clutter interface is a turn-off for visitors. Thus, ensure the pages are user-friendly and easy to access.

3- Ensure your website is responsive to browsers and devices if you must increase your conversion rate. We have many browsers and devices. Build your website to respond to different browsers and devices flexibly.

4- Create a landing page that corresponds with the ad. If you’ve ever clicked on the landing page and find yourself on a different page, you’d already know how frustrating that can be. Do everything to keep your landing page at par with the ad.

5- Provide a speed loading page. You have less than ten seconds to impress your visitor when they come to visit. A slow-loading page is a red flag for your potential customers. To increase your conversion rate, Utilize page caching, Optimize images and CDNs (content delivery networks) to serve static content, Limit redirect, minimize scripts, Compress images

6- Do well to include testimonials. This is one of the fastest ways to increase the conversion rate. When you have testimonials, visitors are easily swayed by the positive testimonies and motivated to become a customer quicker.

7- Make password recovery easy. Some sites’ password recovery takes a rigorous process in the name of security. You can make your password recovery easy and still maintain a strong security presence. Don’t bounce off your potential customers over a preventable situation.

8- To increase conversion, you need to leverage promotion and offers on your websites. This keeps your customers glued to your online store.

9- Offer drop shipping services. Customers often than not consider this most for the time before making a purchase. Hence, to please them and build a lasting relationship with the drop shipping can be a good option.

10- Ensure a user-friendly interface. Navigation should follow a simple, hierarchical structure and utilize categories that most customers will recognize.

11- Make refund process easy. Not every customer will get along with you first, but the impression you create will make them consider. Once a customer demand a refund, make the process easy and fast. Move on to the next.

12- Do have a friendly 404 page. A visitor’s operation is interrupted once the 404 page pops up. It’s a time for them to think; I’d instead go to another site to make a purchase. Rather, be friendly and make a joke. By that, they are inclined to give a second chance.

As much as customers are very important to your business growth, your websites must also measure up with the right design and be equipped to meet visitors’ needs effectively and helps you make the needed sales.

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