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E-Commerce Testing – What to Test in an E-Commerce Website/Application

Presently, it’s hard to find someone that hasn’t shopped online. Whenever you shop from stores such as Alibaba, eBay, or Amazon, you are buying from an E-commerce, and they thrive on you.

By doing so, you will enjoy certain benefits such as convenience, time-saving, and easy access to products globally. A good e-commerce site is paramount to business success; thus, it must undergo thorough testing.

This article will discuss the typical test that an E-commerce Website/Application has to undergo. These include:

Test #1: Home Page – Hero Image

Homepages of retail sites are usually busy because it contains many things such as a clickable image. You need to check whether the clickable images are auto-scroll and at what interval the image will be refreshed. Also, you need to test whether it’ll load along with the rest of the page.

Test #2: Search

Another feature to test is the search algorithms because they’re crucial to a retail site’s success. Since we can’t always place what the users want to view in front of their eyes, the search results have to be relevant. There is a need to test whether the search will be based on either product name or brand name. You can also consider the number of results to display per page.

Test #3: Product Details Page

After a user clicks a product on the homepage, the user will be taken to the product information page. This is why you need to check the product’s image, price of the product, product specifications, reviews, delivery options, check-out options, and multiple color options. A product with many bad reviews won’t be purchase by the users, which is bad for the business.

Test #4: Shopping Cart

When users see a product they like on an E-commerce site, it’ll be clicked and added to the shopping cart. Then, the user can commit to the purchase. At this stage, you need to test how the user will add items to the cart and continue shopping. You also need to test if a user can remove items from the cart, proceed to checkout, and apply coupons.

Test #5: Payments

At this stage, you need to test whether your E-commerce store can accept different payment options. Check if it allows check out as Guest and input registration option at the end. Check also if it permits customers to store credit cards or any financial information details. To do this, you have to perform security testing around it to ensure it’s secure.

Test #6: After-Order Tests

Human is prone to error; thus there should be provision to amend it on your E-commerce site. It would help if you changed whether there is a change in the order, cancel the order, track the order, and returns sections. Users can decide to increase their order after being convinced with the product description, which is a good thing.

In conclusion, you need to focus on the quality and performance of your E-commerce website. Make sure the homepage of your E-commerce Website contains important clickable images.

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