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5 Web Design Best Practices to Follow in 2023

Web designing is an industry that is continually driven by creativity and innovation. It’s an industry wherein you can see new layouts which go-ahead to become new trends. Web designers throughout the planet are proven to bring forth amazing designs which are only the most appropriate for thousands of unique companies and functions. When there are beautiful, advanced and highly-functional sites on one side, there also exist heaps of overdone websites which are nowhere great looking or attractive.

When it comes to playing with design and code, we at Medialinks, regarded as the best website development company in Dubai specialize in UI/UX and web design, have brought forth the best practices of web design in 2021 in Dubai.

Focus on your Target Audience:

A successful website isn’t simply a lovely bit of work but a portal that brings your target audience, providing them the advice on products and services they desire, and forcing them to purchase and convert to a new customer. A frequent error that we may see among designers is they concentrate on the target market at the start of the design process, but neglect them as the design comes to finalization. Constantly keep your target audience ahead prior to making any alterations to the layout, design or the images.

Keep your Branding Consistent:

Website layout that lacks consistency in regards to the way the brand is introduced, is very confusing to comprehend. Such unpredictability of branding doesn’t communicate the ideal message across to the consumers. A disproportionate or randomly placed logo, unclear navigation setup, long registration procedure, these variables help determine the branding and may impact the power of the site. To keep consistency through communication and branding, constantly use the collection or agreed upon brand colors, logos, and messaging across all pages.

Maintain a simple website but not simplistic one:

Simplicity in design speaks much than a site that’s flashy and complex. Straightforward site developments are proven to provide decent performance when compared with sophisticated ones which frequently render the ordinary. So emphasis ought to be placed on maintaining the images tidy and neat, designs to be easy and free-flowing, and the attention ought to be put on the CTA and messaging, rather than other layout elements. All this may engage the consumer ardently.

Have clear and strong CTAs

The most important aim of a site is to attract the target market. And that is best performed with best messaging and striking CTA. But if a site tends to get several messaging options, the consumers, however enticed, will probably be uncertain about the buying decision, and often you may end up losing a conversion. Whether the purpose is to lure or instruct the consumer, you need to always have a clear and distinct CTA using a solid message that drives to conversion.

Use high quality images/videos, vectors:

A picture does speak a million words when it’s set in the ideal context. Bear in mind, you’re bringing the target market for conversion not just for compliments, and so, you have to construct the graphics and images that boost the general aesthetic awareness of the site. Together with that, make sure that these images are compatible with all devices, because of the growth of mobile users.


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