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5 Design Strategies That You Should Be Using

While developing a website, website developers have a lot of aspects to consider. Client’s needs can become demanding and ever changing as time goes by. Design strategies are meant to improve general design and branding of your websites functionality. Lucky for you, we are here to help you identify 5 design strategies that will help your website and here they are;

  1. Call to action that captures attention

We can all design a call to action button that will be overlooked by any visitor. Many designers leave the call to action within content on your website, which will be as effective as other more attractive elements such as pop up prompts, well designed buttons, animated images, get creative! Your call to action will represent your business attempting to reach out to your visitors so it is best to implement this in earlier stages of development to see better results.

  1. Basic is not always so bad

In so many corporate websites, we see them ditch the designs that are over complicated and adopt designs that are minimal yet boast elegance. It is a form of design that might work for some and not everyone can make it work. It also largely depends on your brand image, if simplicity can be incorporated, then it should be. Simpler websites also do not require all the complexity of an overloaded website and requires less server space, it loads quicker and is easy to scan. In addition to this, it can also be cheaper to design and build. The best part about it all is that the focus will remain on the content you put into your website, as they will not be distracted from an overly designed website.

  1. Smart use of Animation

As human beings, we are attracted to the glamorous, beautiful and things that move, animation! When you incorporate animations on your website, you are most likely to catch the attention of your visitors but it should be in a moderate manner in order to avoid the slowing down of your websites loading speed and user experience. Animation comes in useful to catch the attention of your users and it also helps distract them for example of your page is taking some time to load therefore it works both ways.

  1. Have a design that is mobile and voice friendly

I believe everyone knows that the internet is accessed through our phones a majority of the time. It is also common sense in a time such as now to have your website optimized to be mobile friendly, animations, transitions and all. A majority of adults use voice search often to search for services and products online. It is important to have your website optimized for voice search as well, regardless of what it may cost.

  1. Elements that help improve SEO

SEO has a lot to do with the early stages of your website development than you consider. SEO factors such as page loading speed all depends on elements of website design such as page size, coding, image size, graphics, and transition between pages and JavaScript all on your page. It is a known fact that google ranks websites that are well optimized so you are more likely to generate better traffic on your website if you have SEO strategies implemented from the development stages of your website. It is imperative that you do not overlook implementing designing elements that will improve your SEO.

To summarize, make sure you do not overlook these design strategies during your website development, you will definitely see how it will benefit you and your business in the long run. It will all contribute to a significantly well optimize website that will give your visitors the most optimal experience. As a website development company in Dubai, we have all our designing strategies at hand and ready to go. To understand more or to have us help you and your business out, get in contact with us and we will do just that.

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