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4 Reasons Why You Must Consider Mobile Commerce in 2023

Tom set up a business, and he was making a lot of sales. He had grown his customers organically. He would reach out to them through TV and Radio adverts. He also used word of mouth.

When asked to consider adopting the digital means of selling, he said it was a waste of time. Perhaps, he had the best marketing team, and they were making sales.

Last year, Covid-19 hit the world, and every business was forced to shut down. Tom couldn’t sell because his customers are used to purchasing his products from the store. He lost over sixty percent of his customers to his competitors when the lockdown was eased. This year, Tom has embraced Mobile commerce. He learned his lesson in a hard way.

Mobile Phone is the best thing that ever happened to the business world. How? The portability and dynamism it offers is the reason why most businesses in the digital space are thriving.

According to Hill Davis, “E-commerce and Mobile Commerce have dramatically changed the way brands reach their customers, making it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases on the fly while avoiding the hassle of going to the store.”

That means everyone can run a business without worrying about the location or means of transaction globally. The pandemic is one of the reasons why your business should embrace mobile commerce this year.

Mobile transactions increased rapidly during the lockdown, and it’s not going to reduce any moment from now.

Here are four reasons why you must consider mobile commerce in 2021:

  • It is highly responsive. This quickens transactions and helps you double up your sales. In the past, customers would have to wait endlessly for sellers to grant their transaction requests or attend to their queries. This hampered their businesses’ growth and made them lose their customers to stiff competitors who are willing to serve them faster and easier. In 2021, you don’t want that for your business, especially with the damage done to business by covid-19.
  • It offers the most comfortable means of transaction. Customers want to pay for your service without stress and want to feel secure while making a transaction on your website. Mobile commerce offers this mode of a business transaction. During the holiday sales season, mobile transactions increased, and more sales were made effortlessly. I bet you don’t want to miss out on this
  • The number of mobile users has increased over the last ten years, and hence, the number of customers buying online has increased. You will be doing yourself a favour by imbibing mobile commerce in your business. Besides, you will be bringing your business closer to your customers, and also, you will gain more customers in the process.
  • It is also relatively cheap compared to the cost of running your business traditionally. Imagine the cost of renting a building and equipping it with the latest gadgets. Also, calculate the amount you would spend on staffing. When you put all these together and compare them to running mobile commerce, it is expensive. Mobile commerce also gives your business the flexibility to adapt to new changes in the market.

This year, you don’t have any excuse for low sales. If you are thinking of a perfect time to switch to mobile commerce, then it is now. Take your business to the next level in 2021. Looking for mobile app developers in UAE, get in touch with us.

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