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4 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing has become an art. Take it or leave it; you either innovate or die.

If you are running an e-commerce website, you should consider marketing automation. However, you must have an understanding of what to do and also the automation tools to use.

In a layman’s knowledge, marketing automation is about optimization. It’s like telling your marketing staff what they should do, who they should focus their efforts on, and where they can be found.

It’s easier to boost sales when you know your target audience. You have background knowledge of what they want and where they can be found.

I spoke with a Dubai marketing manager last year. He was trying to increase their sales for the year. I offered him our marketing automation service, but he felt reluctant to subscribe to it.

A few weeks later, he agreed to run a trial for a month. Two days after the trial version, he changed his plan. He opted for three months of the service.

For Medialinks, the best digital marketing company in Dubai, marketing automation cannot be overemphasized. It’s what you need for your business if you are looking to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

Here are four significant benefits of marketing automation:

  • You spend less on staffing since everything is automated. That is, you are automating email marketing and scheduling social media posts. That way, you don’t need to hire a lot of people to handle your marketing project. A person with a background knowledge of marketing automation software can do the magic. You can reach thousands of people in a week and keep in contact with them. That way, you are building a relationship with them.
  • You increase your sales and revenue in the process. There is a 49% increase in the use of marketing automation. It doesn’t look like it will slow down any moment from now. And companies that have adopted marketing automation have increased their sales record. They have been able to cover a wider area using customized landing pages and also have been able to give their customers easy access to shopping carts on their websites.
  • It reduces the rate of hit and miss. In marketing, you are always going to get a lot of nos from potential clients and customers. As a salesperson, you are wired to look past every rejection and turn them into opportunities. Marketing automation reduces the rejection rate because you are targeting the right audience and giving them what they want to read if appropriately implemented.
  • You can retarget customers for future sales or necessary product sales. The automation allows you to retarget them based on your visitor’s shopping history. That way, you can customize your offers for each targeted customer and send them. The rate of conversion for this approach is high.

This looks easy on the surface, but it requires the knowledge of an expert. It’s always advisable to employ the service of an expert to avoid running at a loss. Marketing automation can take your business to the next level if properly and strategically planned.



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