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Top 5 Shopify SEO tips you need to know?

More traffic will result in more sales. The tough part includes getting sufficient traffic. This is where you can consider Shopify SEO. Optimizing a site can aid in improving search engine ranking and can lead to more visitors. This includes those visitors who are particularly looking for what you will be selling. The following are […]

5 Benefits of Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Benefits of Google Tag Manager (GTM)

The technology market has many new-generation tools which let one leverage the power of coding without becoming involved in its intricacies. These tools help with creativity, enhance efficiency, and even empower non-developers in marketing, sales, etc., to carry out their jobs properly without depending on the IT department. Google Tag Manager is a tool like […]

10 Profitable Business Ideas & Investment Opportunities in UAE 2023

Business in UAE has been able to make many expats become successful entrepreneurs. Profitable Business Ideas & Investment Opportunities in UAE The country’s investor-friendly regime has made the place fertile for the growth as well as development of businesses. Many foreigners are even starting to consider business setup in Dubai. The government has introduced favorable policies […]

Business directories in UAE 2023

If you own a business and are finding it tough to make it successful, you are not alone. It may seem tough trying to publicize the business, or you may not have the funds to carry out an extensive advertisement campaign. Visibility matters here. You need to make your business visible to potential customers. UAE […]

What is Google Schema

An organised data vocabulary called schema markup (schema.org) aids search engines in comprehending the content on your website. Search engines may provide rich results, or rich snippets, when they understand the relationships and meaning underlying the entities. The result of a partnership between Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo is Schema.org, which was created to assist […]

Why and How Web Design Contributes to PPC?

By now you should know that having a website is a fundamental component of establishing your digital presence but having a web design is just as important. Web design contributes to having a good user experience, SEO and also PPC. PPC also known as pay per click, it is a digital marketing method in which […]

Top 5 reasons why TikTok should be in your next media mix

Many experts believe TikTok is “the next big thing” in the world of social, and they are not wrong. TikTok is becoming a larger marketing platform—especially for brands that market to young people. Apart from the fact that the platform was able to create its own fleet of influencers who enjoy high number of fan […]

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