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Amazon Prime Day in UAE & KSA – 2021

How to make the best out of Amazon Prime Day in UAE & KSA – 2021

Amazon Prime Day in UAE & KSA – 2021 is not just Amazon’s largest promotional day of the year, but a chance to get prime deals on your favorite anything for their 200 million loyal and strong prime members, globally.

Prime day is back this year in UAE & KSA, starting 21st of June 2021, with deals on 100+ category of products for their ever-expanding family. This event exhibits one of the most competitive and active marketing days for Amazon this year.

Here are our Tips for any business to take the best advantage of the day

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  1. The more you give, the more you receive. Stand out

As this an offer driven event shoppers have high expectations, taking into account the abundance of deals and mega discount for the event. To be exclusive and stand out, propose the Best deals with the best suited strategically handpicked Bundles which offer value to the customer ensuring a high basket value.

In short, E Commerce Companies in Uae make offers which your customers cannot refuse.

  1. Cunning use of SEOs, through Keywords, Titles and Comprehensive descriptions

Having keywords with the most intensity which are optimized are no shocker to bump up your organic search rankings moreover your sponsored ads search campaigns come into the picture to identify the top-ranking keywords.

On the other hand the titles play a crucial role as it is the first thing that your eyes land on see which summarizes the description.

The description should give you the products catalog with primary and alternative images, answering the important questions such as the benefits, features, differences and uniqueness of the product Ensuring the quality of the content such as the pictures have high quality visuals which combined give an everlasting first impression , all the whilst adhering to the guidelines. A Bullet design help the seller penetrate vital information to the shoppers.

Although this is the result of a good product description, it is key to have your keywords in mind from a Seo Services in Uae perspective to bump up your rankings.

  1. Choose your fulfilment strategy in advance – FBA, FBM or Amazon Easy Ship:

Get to know the differences,

FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) is Amazon’s warehousing and fulfillment service that allows sellers to send inventory to an Amazon warehouse and have their orders shipped by Amazon.

FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) is a fulfillment method in which the seller takes full responsibility for storing inventory and shipping orders.

AMAZON EASYSHIP as the name suggest is delivery service. When you choose Amazon Easy Ship, your orders are picked up from your location by an Amazon Logistics delivery associate and delivered to the buyers’ doorstep with minimal effort from you. It so easy, takes just 4 steps:

  1. Register as a seller and list your products.
  2. Store your products in your warehouse and provide the address to Amazon for pickups.
  3. Get orders for your products.
  4. Amazon delivers your products to customers.

Having an effective strategy in advance gives the seller the advantage of trial and error and gives them an idea of what is best, efficient and quickest way to deliver

  1. Broaden your grasp with Amazon Advertising.

More and more loop into events of this magnitude to get the best deal possible taking into account the rising enlightenment of users, Amazon Advertising directs eager and shopping intended user’s attention to help them take full benefits of this promotional event.

AMAZON DSP – . Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads both on and off Amazon or 3rd party websites. Another way or advertising is.

Sponsored ads: Organic reach has its limitations where sponsored ads come into rescue increasing your onsite consciousness. Automatic or manual bidding campaigns as the name suggest allow you to specifically target keywords based on the category and relevancy of you products.

  1. One step ahead

To make the most out it, having an eye on the competitor by searching or ordering their products to access their final offering. Adjusting and changing the prices and strategies by sorting out the best from Amazons bestsellers list is crucial to remain competitive.

In conclusion

Amazon prime day is a great event to remarket to the existing traffic once the shopper is satisfied and happy with the experience with you brand they are bound to come back to you for more when in need.

After the Amazon Prime Day in UAE & KSA – 2021 is over, email your customers who purchase, asking for Amazon reviews and watch your rankings go up!


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