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How Noon Works?

how Noon works

Fulfilment methods of Noon and their charges

Noon has two fulfilment methods, known as FBN (Fulfilled by Noon or Noon Express), and FBP (Cross-dock Back 2 Back or Fulfilled by Partner). Noon gives you the option to utilize one, or the two of them simultaneously if you can fulfil the stock commitments.

Let’s dig a bit in to both methods:


1. FBN (Fulfilled By Noon) Also Knows As Noon Express

With Fulfilled by Noon (FBN), you can send your items and Noon will store them in their fulfilment centre, pick and pack, and deliver them to your clients on time.

What’s more, FBN helps your customers receives order (placed in morning) on the same day while orders in the rest of the emirates are delivered in somewhere around 24 hours from putting in the request.

As per Noon’s website, choosing FBN or Noon Express method has extra advantages like:

Key benefits of FBN include:

  1. Faster delivery timelines
  2. noon Express badge which increases consumer’s trust
  3. Better conversion rate


2. FBP (Cross-Dock Back 2 Back Or Fulfilled By Partner)

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Few Differences Between FBN VS FBP

Noon claims to provide the same standards of delivery for both methods. Below are the key differences between both methods as per Noon’s website:

Fees Calculation Of FBN VS FBP

Please take a moment to go through the latest fee structure of both fulfilment methods of Noon.

Fulfilled by Noon (FBN) Fees in UAE

Fulfilled by Partner (FBP) Fees in UAE

Fulfilled by Partner (FBP) Fees in KSA

Still Confused?

At Medialinks, we help our clients shine at Noon in UAE and KSA. Our team of Noon experts provides complete solutions to handle your Management of Seller Account, which includes Listings Management, Listing Optimization, Keyword Research, Management of orders, FBP or FBN setup, Advertising campaigns management, and much more. Email us today at [email protected] to schedule a session with one of our Noon Experts.

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