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What Are the Advantages of SSL Certificate Website Security?

SSL Certificate Website Security

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer, or as it’s commonly called SSL, is an encryption-based Internet security protocol. This protocol helps to encrypt Internet traffic and verify server identity. More simply, SSL enables websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is way safer and protected. SSL is out to ensuring privacy, authentication, and data integrity in Internet communications. Hence, a website is vulnerable to cyber-attacks if SSL is not protecting it.

We are in a generation where the internet use rate has increased rapidly. Businesses are increasingly moving from conventional to digital protocols.  Today, everything transaction is available and carried out online. Businesses now reach their target audience easily through digital marketing, thereby increasing sales.

However, as the internet grows, giving brands a good outlook, so does it give rise to cybercrime and expose customers’ data. This is a major source of worry for many business owners.

Every business desires to build connections, sustain and nurture the confidence their customers have in them. Customers, on the other hand, only interact and transmits when their security is inevitable. To build trust, you need to assure them of complete protection interacting with your websites. Else you risk losing customers and, by implication grounding your business.

For most eCommerce, Shifting from HTTP to HTTPS is confusing. This is due to ignorance of the benefits SSL Certificate offers and the risk of not having an SSL Certificate. SSL certificate is a must-have for any business website that wants to grow.

5 Advantages of SSL Certificate for Your Business Security:

To fully grasp the importance of an SSL certificate, here are five advantages of an SSL certificate.

  1. Data Protection:

SSL certificate helps to protect client’s data. Clients’ data, such as identities, emails, passwords, etc., are invaluable to e-commerce. To ensure their data protection, e-commerce websites must utilize SSL. As the market becomes highly competitive, no e-commerce will want to lose its customers. As such only business websites that are secured with an SSL certificate will be able to attract and retain the right customers. SSL protects client’s information on your website from hackers by turning them into an unreadable setup.

  1. Search Engines like you more

An E-commerce website that wants to enjoy a high ranking on-search engines has to use an SSL certificate. SSL certificate helps to strengthens your website’s SEO ranking. Google and other search engine platforms are constantly updating their algorithms. Back in 2014, Google announced SSL as a ranking signal incorporated into its algorithms. This means any website not entirely using SSL will not appear in keyword searches. SSL ensures your website is secured, and browsers will show a trust indicator. Trust indicator helps to boost your website traffic and improve your SEO ranking.

  1. It makes your website safe!

As internet users increase rapidly, business websites are constantly under attack from elements such as phishing, MITM attacks, etc. SSL protects companies’ websites from such attacks. Since phishing mainly entails cloning websites, an SSL-certified website is thus impossible to clone.

  1. More accessibility to Google & other search engines:

SSL certificate protects your website from being barred by Google. Google released Chrome 70, On October 17, 2018, to improve their security against sites that are not fully HTTPS secure. Google continues to shame unencrypted sites from google browsers. Hence the harsh warning. With an SSL-certified website, you save yourself the stress of falling under such treatment and make your websites easily accessible.

  1. Customers will trust you more

Another advantage of having an SSL certificate on your websites is that it increases revenue and improves clients’ trust. A website secured by SSL usually has a trust indicator called padlock that shows in the URL. Most customers are convinced your website is safe for interactions and transactions when they see it. Hence a vital way of attracting customers and generating revenue.

We cannot overemphasize the significance SSL certificate to business growth. A website not protected by it is exposed to cyber hazards. E-commerce can leverage the advantages of SSL and achieve two goals: protection from cyber-attacks and improvement on business growth.

If you are looking to implement SSL security on your website or looking for a new custom-made website, get in touch with the top web developers in Dubai, let us speak and arrange a discovery session. Reach us today at [email protected]


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