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Top 5 Web Development Extensions For Chrome Browser 2023

Google’s widespread influence on web services has made Chrome more accessible and the most used browser for web development. The sheer number of chrome extensions available has made it a handy tool for web designers and developers. So, here is the list of the best chrome extensions for programmers and developers in pursuance of productive and successful web development.

ColorZilla – Color Picker and Generator

ColorZilla is one of the oldest color picker extensions launched over eight years ago. It has successfully maintained its mantle as the best color picker and an eyedropper Chrome extension for developers or designers even today. ColorZilla will enable you to get a color reading from any pixel on the browser on the fly and paste it into any other program in RGB HEX formats. Like Site Palette, ColorZilla also enables you to generate gradient colors and extract color palettes from any website. The extension also maintains a color history index of recent color picks.

Site Palette – Color Palette Generator

The next time you come across a website with a beautiful and pleasing color combination, this ingenious plugin can help you quickly extract and generate color pallets. It also allows you to download preview palette images, PDFs and generate shareable links. Site Palette is armed with seamless integration with coolers. Co. and Google Art Pallete. It has been an essential Chrome extension for developers & designers throughout the globe.

Font Face Ninja – Font Identifier

Instead of inspecting elements in Chrome dev tools to find out the name of fonts being used, developers can instead rely on this elegant extension called Font Face Ninja to identify all the fonts being used on a webpage easily. Font Face Ninja boasts over 280k downloads and is the direct rival to another popular font face extension called WhatFont. To use this handmade Chrome extension for developers & designers, you have to hover over any text element on the web page that you need to identify. A floating pop-up window will display the name of the font face along with a small preview window for you to play around with. You can bookmark your favorite font faces and save them for later use.

Marmoset – Code Snapshot Generator

Web designers and developers may encounter the need to create snapshots for their codes in their projects for aesthetics or representation purpose. Marmoset is a brilliant Chrome extension that allows you to create beautiful code snapshots in seconds with a single click. This might come in handy for social media posts or Portfolio website designs. It is one of the must-have Chrome extensions for web developers & designers.

LambdaTest Screenshots – Cross Browser Testing Extension

LambdaTest came up with a Chrome extension to help a user perform automated screenshot testing in bulk. The best part? You can perform automated screenshot testing across 25 devices in a single go. If you found any UI anomaly, you can share it with your colleagues on your preferred project management tool. Empowering you to perform cross-browser testing in an instant, LambdaTest Screenshot is undoubtedly one of the best Chrome extensions for developers, designers, and testers, across the world.

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