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How Social Media Marketing can drive visitors to your Expo 2020 Dubai Stand?

The first Dubai world expo is set to hold between 1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022. It will be the first showcase of human achievement, with the theme expo being “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” Brands have a total of 6 months to create an impact, inspire, collaborate during the Dubai 2020 Expo.

If you have booked a stand at the expo, this is a significant step to showcase a unique brand to the rest of the world.

Best Social Media Marketing to drive visitors to your Expo 2020 Dubai Stand

With so many preparations to make ahead of the Expo, exhibitors are overwhelmed with a marketing approach to adopt. Partaking during the Expo 2020 means you want your brand to be seen and also exhibit a success.

When it comes to marketing your stand, you want to drive the right people with the right energy to your stand. You need to be doing this pre-expo(before the expo), during the expo, Post-Exposition. There are various ways to mix match content on social media to drive real opportunities to your stand. Here are a few tips;

Blog Contents: Blog contents are an excellent way to start social media marketing for your stand at the Dubai 2020 Expo. Writing articles on different subjects connecting to your Dubai stand can build a roadmap on your brand’s internet. This internet roadmap will draw the right traffic to your brand. Remember, the key is to focus on high-quality content, SEO, strategic keywords, and phrases. These contents should not be on your website and other blogs as well.

Create Short videos: you can create short videos to serve as teasers. These short videos can give hints of what the people who come to your stand should expect. Creating innovative videos can stand your brand out and push it forward.

It is a 6-month long expo, and more videos can be created during the expo to showcase the stand during the height of activities.

Go Live: Go Live, Go Live, Go Live! People want to see you. Some have questions they want to ask before touching down to your stand.

People want to know where your stand is situated. Nobody wants to go over thousands of stands before locating your brand.

Leverage on your winning platform: Despite being visible on 3 to 5 social media platforms, not all these platforms works for you. As a brand, identify your winning social media platform and promote your Dubai expo stand. The strong ally and community you have built on that winning platform will share your message. Some may likely want to attend the expo to be at your stand.

Create a Hashtag: Creating a hashtag is an excellent way to promote your stand. It shows people you are attending the expo. It also creates a digital footprint around social media.  It is best to create a hashtag early enough to incorporate them into your content.

Run a campaign: It is social media, so run a campaign for your products. Pay for Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and everywhere else you have your audience. There can never be too much campaign, nor too many sales.

Leveraging on your winning platform is paramount.

There are many ways to create a social media marketing plan for your Dubai 2021 Expo stand. The options are limitless. For digital marketing services in Dubai, get in touch with Medialinks, The Industry Experts.

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