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Google Voice Search & SEO

If you have a website, you will try and attract traffic to it. If this is not happening, your website will probably not be optimized for voice search. As voice search tends to evolve from voice recognition going to voice understanding, Google is trying to transform voice search into some ultimate mobile assistant that aids you with your daily life allowing you to focus on stuff that matters. It is important to include voice search optimization in your SEO strategy.

What is Voice Search?

When it comes to voice search, is a way of searching the internet via speech. Employing artificial intelligence, a device can recognize your voice and then put the query into the search engine.

You may not have known this but voice recognition has been present for much time. This has been since the early 1950s, however, it was not till 2011 that IBM’s Watson claimed that it possessed practical real-world significance.

Nowadays voice search can be seen everywhere.

How voice search impacts SEO?

When one uses voice search, the searches tend to become more conversational. Therefore search engines need to become good at semantics. The way that we employ language tends to be tough. It is also not simple for machines to comprehend the meaning behind words. Voice search has forced search engines to become much better at this.

The updates have altered SEO, allowing the focus to be away from keywords and more toward user experience.

How to optimize Voice Search

Voice search-enabled devices continue to increase. You do not have to completely change your SEO strategy to optimize for voice search. The following tells you ways to optimize voice search:

Optimize local search

Many voice searches are for local information. Local searches are more likely to be present than text-based ones. When you look at it, when one is out and wishes to get a fast answer to some question, it is simple to take out your mobile device and then ask a question. Therefore you need to concentrate on the local element of SEO.

For many brands, local SEO tends to be an important part of digital marketing. Local searches make up many searches. Local people are the ones that will come into your store and buy something. This is why you need to show up in local searches.

Make conversational yet concise content

It is no longer preferable to stuff content with many keywords only to please crawlers. If you want to succeed in SEO, you need to be authentic, employ language naturally, and provide valuable content.

Voice search is important here as individuals search via speed. They talk more naturally in comparison to when they are typing some query into a search engine. The content you have needs to match the conversational way that individuals ask questions to voice assistants. This is not only for voice search reasons.

Nowadays rankings tend to be user-experienced-focused. Pages that perfectly answer people’s questions whilst sharing a good experience, will rise when it comes to rankings.

If you want to do this you will need to provide individuals with fast access to the details that they require whilst being concise. It should be in a fun way that is natural and conversational.

Google Voice Search is something that you need to focus on when considering SEO services. Without this, your business will be losing out on SEO marketing.

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