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Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

There are several strategies to consider when you think about digital marketing. For all of the new comers to our blog, hello and welcome! Today we will dive into the world of digital marketing and how these strategies are going to help you market your company and is guaranteed to work!

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is everything related to marketing but in a digital aspect. Reaching your target audience through the digital landscape instead of through traditional methods of marketing which would involve non digital interaction. Digital marketing is exceptionally important in today’s time due to the large shift in audience’s presence to the digital world so as a digital marketing agency in Dubai, we’re here to help you make the most of your digital marketing questions.

So what exactly are the strategies you need to start using right away?

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most effective methods of marketing and also the most simple.
When it comes to blogging your one and content are just as important, you need to keep it personal but also professional and informative. If you write blogs that are too technical and boring, your blogs are not going to be read by anyone.

Some ways to up your blogging game is by;
Writing about things your customers are actually looking for

As a digital marketing agency, we write about everything related to digital marketing and web development because that is our expertise, so stick to your field and get writing. An added note to keep in mind is to make use of keywords within your blog. Using key words help your blog to be found better by your customers and also greatly help with SEO. Using keyword tracking tools, you can find out which keywords are most searched for in your industry and incorporate them into your blogs.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can get boring and monotonous. Think about how you can speak to your customers without just showing them that your business exists. Some ways to make good use of your social media marketing strategy is by;

Focusing on one social media network – creating your online presence takes some time so if you focus on just one social network, you will be better able to give it your time and dedication whereas focusing on multiple platforms does not let you do this.

Cater to that one platform – it’s important to put up content that is relevant to that specific platform, for example for Instagram you need to post images and content that is visually capturing. Twitter would require quicker more efficient tweeting. Facebook would require you to post interesting funny content which they can share.

  1. Email Marketing

It is important to always keep your customers aware of what you are doing in your business and the best way to do so is through newsletters. For example after you post a new blog it is advisable to send out an email telling your subscribers to read your blog. This way you can also generate traffic to your website and increase the CTR effectively. Your content should be so engaging that it convinces your readers to sign up to your newsletter.

Always make an effort yo keep your subscribers engaged and send them information that is valuable.

  1. Paid ads

While all of us love gaining traffic and clients through free means we should also remember that nothing is truly free and that everything takes time if not money.

Paid advertising works and the best part is it can rank you on top regardless of how small your business is. Before you start using paid ads it is important to consider 3 ABC’s of paid ads success.

  • Audience
  • Budget
  • Commerciality

A – Helps you figure out which platform you are advertising too make sure your ads are targeted towards the right audience otherwise it will all be a waste of time and money.

B- Be Smart about how you budget your campaigns. Your budgeting should be allocated to smart keywords that are also affordable. PPC is bigger than just google, you will be able to advertise on other platforms like twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.

C- Commerciality involves providing your customers with what they are actually looking for when they click on your PPC Campaign. It would make more sense to show customer’s content that they are genuinely looking for this can be done by bridging the gap between the platform intent and how you monetize all your products.

It is important to space out all your strategies and not implement them all at once. Pick one, master that strategy and then move on to the next, figure out what works for you or we can figure it out for you. Drop us a hello at [email protected] and we’ll get you started on your digital marketing journey


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