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7 Ways to Write Product Descriptions for Your Website (With Examples)

Item descriptions or Product descriptions are still underrated by many companies online. They are fundamental for online businesses since they assist you with showcasing your products better, share the information required by buyers to proceed with a purchasing choice and hence, have more deals.

A definitive objective of an item description is to captivate potential clients to make a buy on your site. Without them, clients would be left with inquiries concerning your items and presumably exceptionally unmotivated to spend.

Regardless of whether your items have a particular capacity, like a camera, or an individual reason, similar to design, every bit of information provided improve the buyer’s personal satisfaction somehow.

Here are our top 7 points to consider before you aim to write your next product description:

1. Focus on your ideal buyer and talk details!

It is useful to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and browse as you expect they would.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What did you like/dislike?
  • How does it compare to other listings?
  • Why did or did not you make the purchase?

Below is an example of a product descriptions which talks to its ideal buyer in detail:

Product description in Ecommerce websites

2. Turn features into benefits.

Customers do not buy what you sell, they buy what they need!

Always try to convert your product features to your potential client’s benefits.

Look at the below example of how the regular features of the product are communicated as benefits for the potential customers.

Product description in Ecommerce websites

3. Engaging with Story Telling!

Story telling is the biggest “Growth Hack” to create closeness, engagement and association with a shopper who is checking your products. The biggest of the brands are masters of creating stories.

We love the below example of how a green evening dress is described in the below description:

4. Address Frequently Asked Questions

Integrating FAQs on your ecommerce website or on your product description gives you a chance to not only satisfy your potential customers with more information, but also gives you a chance to incorporate the important Key Words in your description. FAQs help to:

  • Improve the overall experience of the potential buyer
  • Helps in the decision making process as basic questions are addressed immediately.
  • Helps you in SEO
  • Boost Sales

5. Highlight the Key Factors

This is your chance to be somewhat innovative and build up a voice (character and tone) for your image — it can be humorous, easy-going, or even very corporate. We suggest the best way to do is to simply envision you are at a gathering, educating somebody you have recently met concerning the item. How might you depict it so that they would see how extraordinary it genuinely is?

6. Optimize Your Text with CTA

According to David Ogilvy, the famous copy writer, the 11 most influential words to persuade Call to Action are listed below. Using them in your copy can help improve CTA on your website:

  1. Suddenly
  2. Now
  3. Announcing
  4. Introducing
  5. Amazing
  6. Sensational
  7. Revolutionary
  8. Miracle
  9. Magic
  10. Quick
  11. Hurry

7. Justify using superlatives or else ignore them completely!

You have most likely seen the words like “superb item quality” or “excellent product quality” in loads of online product descriptions, which is fine, yet as it is abused and with time its effects on the potential customers id decreasing. It is best to either avoid or justify use of any superlatives with authentic source.

Claims like the below should be avoided unless justified:

Wrapping Up

Product descriptions are a significant piece of your site and should not get brushed under the table. At Medialinks, we have professional copy writers who can create a masterpiece product description for each of your product to help your potential customers see the true qualities and USPs of your product online.

We specialise in Arabic and English copywriting. As growing number of online users in MENA are looking for content in Arabic and English to help them decide for a purchase. If you are looking for professional copywriters who can help you with your product descriptions, please feel free to reach us on [email protected].


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