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5 Steps To Create An Outstanding Ecommerce Product Page

Often time, we have seen the word e-commerce thrown around almost everywhere, hence, making us think it is such a big deal, perhaps an incomprehensible word.

I used to think the same way until I discovered otherwise. E-commerce is just the usual buying and selling, but this time, it is online. That is, all you need is the internet, and you are good to go.

No big deal, right?

It is if you don’t master the rules of buying and selling online. But what rules are there to eCommerce other than running your website effectively to be productive?

The effective running of e-commerce sites is down to knowing your product pages, and how to convert your visitors into a customer. Your product page is no doubt your moment of truth. A good product page determines if your visitors will become customers. Now you know what a product page is. Quite simple, right?

A good product page contains all the necessary information capable of converting your website traffic into sales. However, many business owners in Dubai have poor product pages on their e-commerce websites. They always struggle to convert the website traffic on their pages. I have spoken to many of them in the past. They still have the same question for me, “How can I create an outstanding eCommerce product page?”

I have asked this same question in the past. It took me two years to understand how to create an outstanding product page for e-commerce websites. So, I have made five tips for creating an outstanding product page.


1. Simplicity is Key. Be Specific About Your Page

Many business owners in Dubai always design clustered product pages. They lack a clue of what page element drives sales. So they always end up with too much frivolity on their product pages. I have made this mistake in the past, and that’s why I am sharing this article with you. I don’t want you to make the same mistake as I did two years ago. They say simplicity is key, and this is equally applicable to e-commerce. Keep your product page simple as possible. It should be clear and concise. Avoid clogging your page with too much frivolous text.

2. Embrace the Five C of Creating An Outstanding Product Page for Your E-commerce websites (Crafting, Creative, Compelling, Convincing & Copy)

The right keywords alone aren’t enough, and you must be creative in your product page content. It should be compelling enough to draw your web visitors to take action. Likewise, they must be convinced after reading, and they should be free from plagiarism.

3. Use High-Quality Resolution Product Photo On Your Product Page

An adage says, “A picture can mean a thousand words.” When creating your product page, use eye-catchy pictures of your products. At all angles, a customer always wants to see your product image. It gives them a good sense of what they are buying. Also, your product photos must be captivating enough to draw attention.

4. Build Customer Confidence Through Your Product Page On Your E-commerce Websites

Your product page must be clear to your visitors because it helps to erase doubts and any form of speculations around your products. Also, it instils confidence and trust in your product. The best way to achieve this is by being more elaborate and informative on your product page. Potential buys always have many questions before making a purchase. So your product page must provide answers to all visitors’ questions.

5. Customers’ Reviews is An Icing On the Cake On Your Product Page

The last on the list is customers’ reviews. Yes, customer reviews are equally important for creating an outstanding product page for your e-commerce website. Prospective customers get reassured when they see good reviews from previous customers. So learn to ask satisfied customers to drop a good review on your e-commerce web page.

Wrapping Up

Product pages are a significant piece of your site and should not get brushed under the table. At Medialinks, we have experienced ecommerce experts who can create a masterpiece product page.

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