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Landing Pages

Why Landing Pages?

A landing page is said to be a separate page hosted on your website or on a hosted landing page services site where an incoming visitor “lands” after clicking on a link. This link could range from an ad either with Google, social media posts such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, an email marketing campaign, a pop-up on a website, and even other pages on a website. Landing Pages are an excellent marketing and sales tool that many names such as Squeeze Page, Lead generation page, Splash page, AdWords landing page, etc.


A landing page plays a crucial role in many marketing and advertising strategies. A well designed and developed landing page maximizes and increases sales while ultimately driving revenue upward. Landing page users have seen the growth rate for their audience increase by an average of 36% after development.

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Landing pages always provide your website visitors an initial glimpse of what your brand is all about, leaving the first impression on them. Landing pages provide useful and relevant content and information, offering tangible steps to additional engagement opportunities giving your brand more insight into possible potential customers.

Landing pages not only convert customers; they also indicate how well your marketing campaign is performing. By tracking how many conversions occur from the unique landing pages, you know if your Internet marketing campaign is a success or needs some adjusting.

Why should you have a landing page?

Lead Generation

Landing pages are critical in helping you to generate leads, starting a qualification process and then moving them through your sales process and into new customers.

First Impressions

A landing page can act like a lead magnet gold mine if used correctly. It works towards creating your brand image, trust and helps you to stand apart from your competition. Landing pages serve as the front door to your business, regardless of where they exist on your website.

Know Your Customer Better

The idea of the landing page is that your visitors must “pay” you in information in order to get access to an offer. This helps companies understands their customers better and tailor make their offerings.

Landing Pages Turn Traffic Into Money

Landing pages speak directly into providing solutions to the existing problems of potential customers. Landing pages are focused on one particular task, objective, which can be optimized to facilitating desires solutions to clients wants, thereby solidifying trust and credibility with these potential customers.

Provision of a bespoke solution to designing, launching, and improving your landing pages translates to more leads, sales, and increased revenue for your business.

Medialinks offers cost-effective solutions, providing a large number of bespoke mobile-responsive Landing Pages, allowing you to write and publish content that’s conversion-optimized.